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 If you are searching for cute paragraphs for your boyfriend, then, know that you have visited the right place. You need to always remind your boyfriend of the undying love that you have for him by sending cute paragraphs for him. No matter where your boyfriend is, always make it a point of duty to send cute paragraph for your boyfriend. Sending love messages to him whether short or long will help to keep the both of you closer to each other's heart at all times.Tell him how much you love, cherish and value him. When he is not around you, send him cute paragraphs for long distance, when he is sleeping, send him cute paragraphs for him to wake up to. They are written in such a way that you can copy and paste it.

Cute Paragraphs for your boyfriend

 1. I choose to have you not only in my heart, but also in my soul so that even if my heart stops beating, my soul will continue to love you. I choose you to be the love of my life this is because you have always proven to me that what you have for me is true love. The best wish that I have in my life is to sleep in your arms and wake up in your arms. You have won a special place in my heart that's why I can't live without you.

2. My heart has been messed up with your love but the good thing about it is that it has always make me feel better and stronger each and every passing day. You are the one that I will always give my unreserved and undiluted love. Do not be afraid because my love for you will last till eternity.

3. I have your pictures pasted in all the corners of my room. When I am unhappy, just a glimpse at one of the pictures makes me feel happy again, this is not magical, but it works like magic. You have charmed my life with your love and I will never let you go away from my life. I love you more than you can ever imagine.

4. I will always live not only to love you, but also to always express the love that I have for you. I can't hide it within me because I will get intoxicated of it. My love for you is incomparable and the good thing about it is that it continues to grow with ages. I love you with everything that is in me.

5. Your love is just like the light that leads me across my way. It is just like the air that I breathe in to survive. I cannot get used to you because I discover more interesting things about you everyday. The light of love that I have for you shall never quench or dim because the love that I have for you is residing permanently in me. You are my love, you are my life and I love you with every bit of me.

6. I didn't know that there is something that could be sweeter than honey until I came across your love. When you see me smiling at you, please do not be afraid but know that I am counting myself lucky for having a wonderful boyfriend like you in my life. You are all that I could ever ask for in a man, I love you more than words can express.

7. All the moments that I have spent with you is so fascinating, all the dreams that I had about you is so interesting, the way that you love and care for me makes me to love you more. The way that we perfectly fitted into the life of each other is a great indication that we were specially created for each other. My world without you would have been incomplete.

8. There is no passing moment that I don't think about you, how the thought of you suddenly became a part of me, marvels me. I'm deeply in love with you, there is no doubt about that. Thinking about you gives me great joy and happiness and also takes me to that realm of love that I have always wanted to be. You are my Prince charmer and I am so happy to have you in my world.

9. When the breeze blows gently on me, it quickly reminds me of your love because that's how your love gently calms my nerves. If to love is a crime, I wouldn't mind to continue committing it until it lands me in jail. I can go to war because of you and I am also ready to catch a grenade because of you. My love for you is limitless.

10. What on earth can make me to stop loving you? I have seearched my mind and every area of my life, yet, I couldn't find any. The words that comes from your mouth soothes my pain, your laughter calms my troubled heart, just a glance at your face, restores my faded hope. I will continue to walk with you in love and I will continue to be with you forever.

11. What is really clear to me is that our love may have a begining, but definitely no ending. What I want to promise you is that you will have my love and trust at all times. I will walk with you in thin and in thick and the only thing that will not change about us is the love that we have for each other.

12. When I call you my super hero, know that it is not just a name, but a great representation of what you are to me. You have proven to me severally that you are all that I want in a man. I feel happier knowing that I have you in my life. You are my crown, you are my lover, and above all, you are the only one who have proven to me that true love really exist

Cute paragraphs for him long distance

13. I want to be where you are at all times, hearing your voice is not just enough for me. I miss your smile, I miss your laughter, I miss going out with you. All that I have been experiencing since you left is sleepless nights, there is nothing that I miss in my life now more than you. I wish to see you as soon as possible.

14. Not until you left that I discovered that we have been permanently glued to each other. I can't stop thinking about you. In all that I do, I see you, you have filled my thought and my imaginations. The distance between us is temporary. I believe that my love for you is still strong and will keep on waxing stronger.

15. In all that you do, know that there is a heart that is desperately longing to see you, a heart that you have made to realize that true love still exists, a heart that will always welcome and will never stop loving you. I'm in love with you and the distance between us can never change the love and feelings that I have for you.

16. Although I miss your presence, I have a clear picture of you in my heart, two hearts that are meant for each other can never be separated even by distance. We have come a long way, we have resisted all that should have torn us apart. I am highly convinced that one day, we would be together and inseparable shall we remain forever.

17. You know that I truly love you, I have been addicted to you in such a way that I can't stay long without seeing you, all my thoughts these days have been filled with the thought of you, distance makes me to anticipate seeing you more, you live in my heart, you live in my thought and I love you more than you think.

18. My love will always be with you wherever you are, it will continue to stay strong from ages to ages, it will continue to be pure and undiluted. When the going is good, I will be with you, when it is bad, I will also be with you. Do not be afraid of losing me wherever you are because I will never take back the love that I have for you.

19. Every night in my dream, I see the both of us together in a happy mood gisting and laughing, it will seem so real until I  wake up from that sleep. I can not question why I always dream about you because all the time that I spent with you was amazing. I can't wait to see you so that we will continue sharing our quality moments together again.

20. I will like to let you know that being with you really made me understand that you are indeed that special man for me. All the things that you do for me suprises me, how you take my joy and happiness into consideration in whatsoever that you do marvels me. You may not be able to know how much I love you, but I want to let you know that my love for you can move mountains.

21. Accepting you as a part of my life changed my life for better, being with you made me to understand that true love still exists. The way that you take care of me is a sign that we are a perfect match for each other. Nothing on earth can stop me from reciprocating the great love that you have for me.

22. You can call on me both in the rainy and stormy weathers, you can lean on my shoulder when you need a shoulder to lean on. I am always ready to share in your joy and pain, I am ready and I promise to love you forever.

23. There is nothing that gives great peace of mind more than realizing that you are perfectly loved by someone. I cherish the way that you love and value me. I cherish the way that you always avoid hurting me, I am not a perfect human, but you made me to look like one. You are that man that I will always be proud of and that I will always like the world to know how he provided a happy place for me to dwell in. I love you so much.

24. I smile each time I remember you, I laugh when I look at your pictures, when I look at your pictures, all that I feel is  great wave of love in me. There is no doubt that you will be my happy ending. I'm in love with you just because you love me the way that I always want to be loved.

25. Do you know that since I met you, eating alone now looks like a crime to me? I wish to share all the good things that I can share with you. I wish to always see the both of us happy together. I want to always show you how much I love you and how your love have filled the whole of my heart. I walk majestically just because I am loved by you. You are the man of my dream and you are also the love that I see.

Cute Paragraphs For Him to wake up to

26. It is my desire to sleep in your arms and wake up in your arms, it is my desire to always be where you are. As you lay down to sleep tonight, may your heart be filled with so much love that you can't ever imagine. May you sleep peacefully and wake up in good and sound health. Good night to you my love.

27. In as much as the night will be dark, your heart shall never be dimmed by the darkness of the night. I am sending loads of light and love across your way today, you are the love of my life that is why I always pray for good things to happen to you. Have a night as sweet as you are my love.

28. Even if I can not be where you are right now, I hope to be in your dreams, I hope to always share and live in your love. The night may be so cold and lonely, but the thought of you always makes me feel warm. I love you and I can see your face even in the darkest of the night. Goodnight my King.

29. What suprises me more about you is how I think about you before sleeping and still wake up thinking about you. Your love have eaten me to my bone marrow. You are my Mr. Right that is why I want you to enjoy your night rest. Do have a fun filled sleep.

30. May the gentle breeze of the cold night cool your nerves and grant you an enjoyable sleep, may the whispers of the birds of the air gives you the best melody that will calm your soul. May the love that I have for lead you into a blissful morning. Goodnight my super hero.

31. Everything on this earth may change, but my love for you will never change, the leaves of the tree may whither, but my love for you will always remain evergreen, no matter how hard the wind blows, our love for each other will remain unshakeable. We will continue to live and grow in love and inseparable we will remain forever.

32. May the good Lord send his Angels to watch over you as you sleep tonight, may he remove every form of harm that may come to hurt or steal your joy tonight. May he grant you his peace so that you will wake up with a heart full of great joy and happiness. Goodnight my love. 

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