Questions for Christians to ask on a date

Questions for Christians to ask on a date -
 If you don't want to make mistakes in your relationship, then, there is a great need for you to ask questions. Christian dating questions are list of questions carefully compiled to guide you know the neccessary things to ask him or her during the course of your dating.

Christian singles should be very careful of whom they date in order not to compromise with their faith and belief. Ask him or her this questions gradually while paying careful attention to his or her responses this will give you a clue on the type of person that you are dating.

Questions for Christians to ask on a date

1. What is your view about alcohol?

2. How do you think the relationship between a christian boy and girl should be?

3. When did you receive Christ in your life?

4. Have you been tempted to do something outside your belief before?

5. How often do you read your Bible?

6. Tell me one mistake that you will not like to make during dating?

7. What does love mean to you in a relationship?

8. Tell me one place that you will not like to visit because it is against your faith?

9. What type of dress code will you not like to see on me?

10. Do you attend Church services regularly?

11. Which group do you belong in the Church?

12. Have you taken up the task of enlightening other christian brothers and sisters on the Bibles's view point of good moral standards before?

13. Have you been embarassed because of your Christian faith before?

14. Did peer pressure had any negative influence on you while growing up?

15. Who introduced you to Christianity?

16. Tell me about the Bible Verses that made you to strongly believe that a Christian dating should be free from sexual immorality?

17. Have you ever wondered why you can't act like others before?

18. Tell me the greatest thing that made you believe that God loves mankind?

19. What do you believe in most; Is it pleasing God or pleasing the world?

20. Do you also believe that Christian couples should bring up their children in the way of the Lord?

21. Do you prefer an elaborate or minimalist wedding?

23. Were your parents too strict on you while growing up?

24. How do you spend your free periods?

25. What is your favorite food?

26. Do you like cheese?

27. Do you have a pet?

28. What are the characteristics that will like your future wife/husband to possess?

29. Are you ready to settle down anytime from now?

30. What is the right approach towards handling conflicts in relationships?

31. Do you prefer an introvert or extrovert as a life partner?

32. What got you attracted to me?

33. Is there any character that I display which you don't like?

34. What can make you break up easily with someone?

35. Is our relationship going the way that you expect it?

34. Have you made our relationship know to your family members?

35. Can someone influence your choice of a lifetime partner?

36. How is your temperament?

37. Is your spending habit okay?

38. Do you like staying late out night?

40. How often do you forgive?

42. What is your favourite sporting activity?

43. Where will you like to be in the next five years?

44. What is your greatest achievement so far?

45. Will you like to go for further studies?

46. What is your hobby?

47. Do you like cheese?

48. Have you been to any other country?

49. Do you speak another language apart from your language?

50. What have I done to that you don't like?

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