deep questions to ask your boyfriend

 Deep Questions to ask your boyfriend
- There is a need to truly know whom you are in a relationship with. There are so many ways that you can know him properly, one of the best ways by asking questions and from the answer that you got, you can get to know more things about your boyfriend. Apart from knowing him more, asking him some serious and funny questions can also connect the both of you more deeply and bring the both of you more closer to each other.

Whether you have just started dating or having been dating for so long, at times your conversations can get boring, this is the best time to throw up some random questions to him in order to keep the conversation going and enjoyable. Playfully put up these questions to him even when you are asking the serious ones, pay attention to his mood and response to each, you can switch to another question if you discover that he is not comfortable with your current question. Take things slowly and don't ask him all the questions at the same time.

The essence of these questions is to know him more, know what he thinks about you, know his plans to for the future, connect the both of you, spice things up in your relationship and also to make him laugh. You can send it to him through text, phone calls or communicate it to him face to face.

  Deep Questions to ask your boyfriend

 Relationship Questions to ask your boyfriend

Ask him questions based on yourself, himself and your relationship. Your questions can be based on his love life, how he handles issues in relationships and any other questions that you think will give you an insight about your relationship.

1. What got you attracted to me?

2. How can you define love?

3. What can you not take for granted?

4. How many girls have you been in a relationship with?

5. What made you to breakup with your last girlfriend?

6. Among your exes, who do you wish to have back in your life?

7. Are you ready to settle down in the next five years?

8. What does marriage mean to you?

9. Do you prefer an elaborate or minimalist wedding?

10. What turns you off in a woman?

11. What gets you easily attracted in a woman?

12. Do you prefer living with your parents or living alone after marriage?

13. Is your parents worried that you have not settled down yet?

14. Can you allow someone to influence your decision on whom your life partner would be?

15. Is your family members aware that we are dating?

16. Have you seen me in your dream before?

17. What type of treatment do you expect from someone that you have not received before?

18. If you go on a date with a girl, will you be comfortable if she pays the bills?

19. Can you allow your woman to put on your clothes?

20. Do you prefer to have a funny or serious wife?

21. Do you prefer to have a working or a stay at home wife?

22. Have you raised your hands on any of your girlfriends before?

23. What was the longest relationship that you have been with a girl before?

24. Did you at anytime thought of proposing to any of your ex-girlfriends?

25. How many are you in your family?

26.;Tell me one of the mistakes that you have made in your past relationship that you cannot repeat again?

27. Do you love an introvert or an extrovert as your wife?

28. What gets you easily annoyed?

29. Tell me one of the things that you can't do someone that you love?

30.  When do you consider communication with someone excessive?

31. What is the best hairstyle that you have ever seen on me?

32. Which cloth style do you like to see more often on me?

33. Do you mind if I visit you any time of the day?

34. What can make you to end our relationship?

35. Do you think I am cute?

Random Questions to ask your boyfriend

Pick any questions from any area of your choice that you wish to know what he thinks or how he handles those things. Starting from his favourite meals, movies, sports and any other questions that will you get the information that you want about him.

1. Who cooked the best meal that you have ever tasted so far?

2. What is your favourite game?

3. Do you love pets?

4. Do you have any bad habit that you wish to correct?

5. What is the best treat that you have ever received in your life?

6. Which food do you like to take at anytime of the day?

7. Do you entertain call at any minute of the day?

8. Who have you spent your longest time on phone with?

9. What unforgettable event have you attended in your life?

10. What is your favourite music track?

11. What do you enjoy doing when you are alone?

12. Do you smoke?

13. What type of eating habit do you detest?

14. What do you like spending your money more on?

15. Are you comfortable with your spending habit now?

16. Will you mind if your future wife decides to join you in your sporting activities?

17. Where your parents strict on you while raising you up?

18. How many restaurants have you visited in the past two months?

19. Do you love chocolates?

20. Which type of movies do you enjoy watching?

21. What type of song touches your heart?

22. Who is your favourite actress and musician?

23. Tell me that area that you can never get tired of visiting?

24. Do you like trying new things?

25. How many countries have you visited so far?

26. Do you like to swim?

27. What is the most favourite item in your wardrobe?

28. Do you prefer going out for manicure or doing it yourself?

29. Is there anyone that you have sworn not to forgive in your life?

30. What activity have you been done in the past that you can never repeat again?

31. Who is your mentor?

32. When was the last time that your Dad or Mom got an item for you?

33. How do you celebrate your birthday?

35. What is your favourite colour?

36. What is the most expensive item that you have purchased?

37. What is your favourite dress code?

38. Have you helped someone who was ungrateful before?

39. What is the name of your favourite haircut?

40. What is the best hairstyle that you have seen on me?


Funny Questions to ask your boyfriend

Make him laugh a while with these funny and hilarious questions, you may also get to know more about him with these questions.

1. If I propose to you, will you accept it?

2. What will you do if I give you a slap?

3. What is your most valued property?

4. Have you been embarassed publicly before?

5. Which part of you body do you love most?

6. What is the hottest arguement that you have ever been involved in?

7. If you are given an oppourtunity to change something, what will it be?

8. Have you been pursued by an angry dog before?

9. Which month of the year do you love best? Why?

10. What is the most valuable property that you have destroyed unintentionally before?

11. Tell me one of the things that has made you cried most in your life?

12. Who have made you to laugh until you crack your ribs before?

13. Which number do you love most?

14. Can you reveal your real date of birth to me?

15. What have I done before that you wish you can tell me not to repeat again?

16. What is your take on domestic violence?

17. Have you given someone an advice before on how to live peacefully with his wife?

18. Can you share you last money with me?


 Questions about the future to ask your boyfriend

See what his future plans and ambitions are by asking him these questions.

1. Are you comfortable with the job that you are doing now?

2. If you are given another option, will you leave your current job?

3. Where do you see yourself in the next seven years?

4. How many kids do you plan to have in future?

5. Have you taken a decision that you later regretted before?

6. What brand of car do you anticipate to buy in future?

7. At what age did you get your first job?


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