Fun Questions for Christian Couples

 Questions for Christian Couples
- When the conversation starts getting boring, it is time to throw up some funny questions. There are so many questions that Christian married couples can ask themselves either based on their past life or present life. They may sound funny, but it can also give you a clue on what your partner likes or dislikes, his or her experiences, ideas and views. Pay attention to his or her answers to the questions, laugh when necessary and ask further questions when required.

Sure way to let go of stress after work or any other activity is to spend a quality time with your partner and making your partner happy will surely give him or her a great relief. Depending on his or her mood, chose the suitable question that fits in. 

Fun Questions for Christian Couples

 1. When you wake up in the morning, what first comes into your mind?

2. What is your worst vacation experience?

3. How long will it take you to finish a bottle of wine?

4. Which chapter of the Bible gets you highly excited?

5. At what age did you start searching for a life partner?

6. What is the funniest dream that you have ever had?

7. Do I act funny sometimes?

8. Which color will you not like to have in your room decoration?

9. Tell me one story that you believed to be true when you were small but later discorvered that it was a fiction when you were grown?

10. Tell me about a day that you missed church service because of an undefined reason?

11. What is your favourite sitting position in the church?

12. What is your favourite church service song?

13. When did you start listing down the names that you will give your children?

14. Tell me about an ugly experience you have had that you will never forget?

15. Have you been chased by a dog before?

16. Tell me about an action that you have carrried out which you later regretted?

17. Have you made an outrageous budget before?

18. What gave you the impression that I may be the one whom you will spend the rest of your life with?

19. Tell me about a place that you have visited that you will not like to visit again?

20. What is the most interesting experience that you have had with pets?

21. How many times do you read your Bible in a week?

22. Why do you prefer your sleeping position?

23. What have you complained to your boss before that you later regretted?

24. Whom else do you have in mind to go for had it been that I rejected your proposal?

25. Do you prefer summer or winter?

26. If you have the power to change weather condition, which one will it be?

27. Who is your best colleague?

28. What have you seen that looks so good a far but later turned to be unpleasant when you got closer?

29. What do you enjoy most in your current job?

30. Have you succceded in reading the whole books of the Bible?

31. What habit do you have which you will not like your children to emulate?

32. Did you hear anything that made you sacared of getting married?

33. If you are given wings to fly, where will you like to fly to first?

34. Have you missed your way during a trip before?

35. What is the most foolish question that you have been asked by someone before?

36. How will you react if I tell you that I misplaced your documents?

37. Which service have you made use of that you thought was free but you were later asked to pay?

38. What is the funniest activity that you have engaged in during summer?

39. Tell me a name that makes you laugh until you crack your ribs when you hear it?

40. Which compliment will you not take lightly?

41. Which song makes you to be emotional?

42. Tell me about one thing that you heard about marriage that you are still doubting?

43. Tell me about something you were doing and you stopped doing after realizing that it was wrong?

44. Which job will you not like to do even it means that you will be heavily paid?

45. Have you been publicly embarassed before?

46. One movie that you can't get tired of watching over and over again?

47. What is the most interesting lessons that your experiences taught you?

48. What punishment do you prefer to give your child when he or she offends you?

49. What is your most fascinating swimming experience?

50. What is that question that you will like to ask me but you are afraid that I will feel offended?

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