Lack of communication in a relationship: Effects and how to fix it

Lack of communication in a relationship - There are some vital things that should not be taken for granted in a relationship, communication is in the top list. When there is no communication in a relationship, it brings about many undesirable effects. Many marriages and relationships have come to an end due to ineffective communication. A lot of people prefers a relationship where they would speak and would be heard, and there needs will also be attended to, where they can be able to express their feelings and emotions and also their patners would be responsive to it.

Good communication in a relationship creates a good atmosphere of love and understanding. No matter the age of your relationship, good communication is still necessary in order to ensure that things continues to move well. Communication here does not necessarily mean talking as there are other ways by which communication can take place such as through body languages, written or other forms of communication. Some of the causes of the lack of communication in a relationship includes; Unresolved conflicts, Lack of trust, Lies, Disrespect, Pride and selfishness .

Effects of a lack of communication in a relationship

1. It gives rise to the feeling of rejection

How can can you prove to your partner that you love him or her when you do not communicate properly? A lot of feelings will be going on in your partners's mind which at times may not be the actual situation of things. Your partner may feel that you no longer want him or her and maybe another person is taking his or her place in your life.

2. It can lead to an emotional breakdown

You can directly contribute to your partner experiencing an emotional breakdown due to the lack of communication existing in your relationship. You have to agree with me that when you are in a constant communication with someone who is close to you, you will experience a more relaxed mind, it eases your pains and sorrows. When there is no one to communicate these pains and sorrows to, an emotional breakdowm may occur.

3. The love that once existed in the relationship dimnishes gradually

The more there is a good communication in a relationship, the more the couples or partners becomes more emotionally attached to each other. People connect more effectively during communication. It heightens the feelings of love and affection. A lack of communication therefore makes the love in the relationship to fade gradually which may bring undesirable effects because a relationship where love does not exist do not stand the taste of time.

4. It can lead to physical or emotional abuse/violence

When the negative thoughts and feelings that would have been shared and resolved amicably are left unattended to, it accumulates on the mind of the individuals involved and a slightest provocation may lead to a great outpouring of annoyance and anger which in turn may lead to verbal abuse, domestic violence or any other form of violence.

5. It can lead to separation or divorce in marriages

A lot of couples are leaving their marriages today because of lack of communication. When they cannot contain it anymore, they resort to divorce. It is not everyone that can manage to thrive or survive in an enviroment that is lacking good communication.

6. It can lead to passive aggressive behaviour

The partners may not express their angers directly. It can manifest through the use of harsh or undesirable words, nagging, procrastinating, hostility, avoidance and so many undersirable characters which may be unhealthy to the relationship.

7. It creates gaps between partners

If you observe closely, you will notice that you and your partner are no longer "deep" into each other the moment lack of communication sets in. The closesness, attachments that was present in the relationship will dissapear leaving a huge gap between the both of you. The longer this takes, the more wider the gap becomes.

8. It gives rise to suspicion in relationships

The quality communication that was initially present between you and your partner which is now no longer the case may leave a feeling of suspicion in any or both of the partners. In marriages, there is always a fear that cheating may take place because one of the partners may assume or think that the other partner is cheating or seeing another person which is sometimes the case.

9. It can lead to missing of good oppourtunities and achievements

When plans and goals are not properly communicated, ideas and advices that may be shared which can be useful to any of the partners are nipped in the bud. This can hinder the success and achievements that would have been of great help in the marriage or relationship.

10. It brings about disunity

Even though they both of you manage to continue to be together in the relationship, there would be a great diference between you and your partner when there is no good communication. This may lead to both of you having different goals and aspiartions which at times may be detrimental to the relationship.

How do you fix lack of communication in a relationship?

1. Find out the best form of communication that your partner likes

Identify the form of communication that your partner prefers. Is it verbal, non-verbal or written? On your own, you can switch to his or her preferred method of communication if you are comfortable with it and see how it goes. When you identify it, don't just rush into it, rather take it slowly and pay adequate attention to your partners's response.

2. Don't just conclude, rather find out from your partner why things are this way

You can ask your partner what he or she thinks about the communication level in your relationship. Let your partner know how uncomfortable you are with this situation. Pay attention to your partner's explanation, suggest ways that you think that may help improve the communication in your relationship, based on the responses you get from your partner, that will give you an insight on what next to do.

3. Seek the advice from a counsellor

You can seek professional advice for you and your partner from a communication counsellor who may give you various guidelines on things to do in order to improve on the lack of communication in your relationship.

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