Characteristics of a Good Wife Material

There are many ladies out there who are ripe for marriage, same also to the men. Some are already courting or dating anticipating that it will lead or end in marriage. Dating or courting is entirely different from marriage because a lot of characters may be hidden during courtship or dating, but when it comes to marriage, nothing is being hiden again. No man or woman will like to end up with the "wrong person" that is why great care should be taken when chosing a life partner.For some people, they may conclude that there is no defined qualities to look out for when chosing a wife as what one man wants may be different from what the other person wants, yes, this may be your own perspective but I will like to let you know that since marriage has a definition, there are some attributes that are being expected from it which may not be overlooked, I will therefore base my points there.

 Most men are being carried away due to the physical appearance which may be what they may be interested in at the initial stage, but later realize that they neglected most of the essential qualities that they would have looked out for when they finally got married. Read this "I met a gentleman known as Raph(names have been changed). Raph is someone that is due for marriage, but from the things that I gathered about him, he has been in several failed relationships that I tried to inquire from him what may be the reason for the numerous breakups. But his reply was simply " they are not good for marriage." I went further to inquire from him what he actually mean by this, he also gave me this reply, "I want someone who will make my home a place to be."  I know that a lot of men out there may also be in the same shoe with this gentleman, this article will therefore guide the men to know what to look out for when looking for a wife and also help the ladies to know what they men may be expecting from them before taking that relationship to another level.

Characteristics of a good wife material

1. She should be matured

When I talk about maturity, I don't neccessarily mean age, but maturity of the mind. She should be able to handle issues intelligently in order to avoid a lot of "dramas" in your marriage. As long as she is of marriageable age, she should be able to reason sensibly. You may ask yourself, "how do I identify this?" You may know this from the way she argues,talks, settle issues, her sense of judgement, her ideas and initiatives, all these will go a long way in giving you a clue as to whether she is matured or not.

2. She should be repectful

She should not only be respectful to you, but also to others. She should not be rude or arrogant. This is a very important characteristic that should not be overlooked because the opposite of it will affect ever area of your home. Lack of respect will lead to disagreements and constantly troubled home. They way she respects you and people that comes across her way will be an indicator of the type of wife that she would be.

Characteristics of a Good Wife Material

3. She should be accomodating

A good wife should not be selfish or self-centered, but rather someone who is ready to welcome others to her world. You can quite agree with me that your wife is not marrying you alone but also your entire family. You may also have friends whom you are close with, she should also be ready to treat those people in a friendly way. Find out by paying attention to her stories, how cool her relationship with others is, and how she treats the few people whom you have met.

4. She should be homely

She should be someone who is ready and willign to take care of her home. There are kids that will result from your union and those kids will require nurturing. This means that she should be able to take good care of them by being available for them, instructing them and giving them listening ear. She should also be able to make her home a place to be by putting all that needs to be put in order. 

5. She should be a good cook

Well, you may think this does not matter a lot, afterall, they both of you may have been enjoying delicious meals from eateries and restuarants, but I want to let you know that one day, you will desire to eat the food cooked in your home. So, she should know how to cook very well for the family so as to be able to give the entire family a good food with the right nutritional value.

Characteristics of a Good Wife Material

6. She should know how to handle resources

A good wife should know how to allocate the available resources so that the family will not be uneccessarily lacking things and having so many shortages. She should be able to handle money by not being extravagant. This will help the family to grow and progress very well and you can easily observe this ranging from the way she makes order to the way she handles the money which you may give to her.

7. She should be decent

Decency extends from dressing properly to following moral standards obtainable in the society. A wife should be a good sign post for her kids, therefore, she should not be a deviant. You know what you want, you also have your own sense of reasoning to detect what is good or bad, you should therefore detect this starting from her outward appearance to her views and opinions.

Characteristics of a Good Wife Material

8. She should be fun to be with

Most men will not like to have a boring home. Just like the saying goes "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Depending on what you want, a good wife should make her home a happy home by cracking jokes when neccessary, being humorous, ready to laugh or smile when neccessary, bringing up funny tasks and so on. The husband can also posses this characteristic more than the wife and therefore should lead or contribute when neccessary that is why you should not condemn her entirely if she is not too funny.

9. She should be kind

A good wife should be able to offer a helping hand to those who need it, she should not be insensitive to people's feelings but rather be able to respond in the proper way. Her being kind will make people love her and also will make you to love her too. The way she responds to your needs and to the needs of people around her will give you a clue on this.

10. She should be God fearing

If you are anticipating to build a happy home where love and peace will be the order of the day, then, you need God by your side to achieve this. A good wife should be someone who is ready to draw the entire family closer to God, lead the home by example by obeying the rules and commandments of God. 

If you are a lady who does not have most of these characteristics, it is never too late to develop some of them. Work hard towards being that good wife material that every man will anticipate to spend the rest of his life with.

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