Breakup Paragraphs for her or him

 No one enters into a relationship with the expectation that it will end, but rather anticipates that things will keep on moving smoothly. No matter how careful you are, things can still go sour with the fault either coming from you or your partner. Breakup paragraphs will help you to address such condition when you are feeling heartbroken and want to communicate your state of mind to your partner.

Breakup paragraphs for her or him should clearly express either your regrets or your interest. Do you want the relationship to continue? You can still make use of this opportunity to let your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband know that you are still interested in him or her, else it will now be the final goodbye. This article is written in such a way that you can copy and paste, send it across to him or her as a text message, through phone calls or face to face. Make it to be heart touching.

Breakup paragraph For Her or Him

1. You left me with a broken heart. You left me wondering in a wonderland. I have not recorvered from the shock that you caused me. I truly loved you. Anyway, I am not going to die but rather live to tell my story. I will learn to get stronger so that I can get over this.

2. Breaking up with you was the hardest decision that I have taken in this life. I believe that it is not for bad, rather, I realized that I needed to give you some space. Life goes on, what you lose today, you may get a better version of from another place tommorow.

3. I think I now realized why you took this hard decision without considering how it will affect me. I was too reserved while you have been offending me all this while, and I kept adamant and endured it all. You thought me a lesson though, not to tolerate nor endure what I don't like.

4. Our parting ways was something that I know will definetly happen because I didn't see any future in our relationship. I was only managing you because you were the only person present in my life at that time. I have moved on and I am not looking back again.

5. This is not the first time that we are saying that it is over between us. We have done this severally and later ended up coming back together again. This time around, let's take the Bull by the horn and tell ourselves the truth that we are simply incompatible.

6. I'm leaving you not just because you are the worst person on this earth, but just that we two parallel lines. I don't hate you but I am not comfortable realizing that there are certain things about me that you don't like which you can't tolerate and I can't equally change. I still love and have some feelings for you.

7. I wanted to ask you before this break up whether we are in a relationship or business deal because it seems that all you wanted was to drain my hard earnings. You are highly inconsiderate, I can't forget our relationship because it taught me a lot.

8. I was scrolling through on the contacts on my phone today and it happens that I came across your number, I wanted to delete it but realized that you can still me back. The only acceptable option is for me to block your number entirely. I need to get myself back and I need a great peace of mind.

9. At least, I don't have anyone to shout at me again, tell me how insensitive I am, compare me with others who am sure that I am better than. Surely, I am going to celebrate this break up in a special way.

10. You may think that I am not a good lover but the reserve was the case. A bad workman always quarrel with his tools. I am a good person just that I met someone who dosen't deserve me.

11. When I was reflecting back on all that led to our breakup, I concluded that it just happened simply because we failed to address certain issues properly. I can't say our being together for this number of years was a waste, rather, I learnt a lot from it.

12. Even if we have separated, I will still hold you in high esteem because you are the person that I once loved, wanted badly and shared most of my happy moments with. Don't erase my name completely from your memory because we still have something in common.

13. I blame myself for giving you a reason to walk away from me. If I can ever turn back the hands of clock, maybe I wouldn't have done that and we would have still been together by now.

14. Just because you are the first person that I have his contact on my phone, I mistakenly dialled your number many times a day before realizing that things are no longer the way that it used to be between us. Let me just ask you, How would you react if you get a call from me?

15. It got to a point that I become fully convinced that I have to let go of you. You gave me thousands of reasons to believe that. Maybe you think that I am no longer the one that your heart desires. I didn't regret it but you would have simply told me instead of putting up negative attitudes.

16. Everything just happened like a movie, I thought you were joking when you told me to let you be. I went home and said maybe you were drunk, it now became clearer to me when you repeated it the next day. Am good and I will keep on being strong.

17. In life, you continue your adventure until your hearts permanently finds a resting place. For me, you are a part of my love adventures. I have moved on with the belief that I will one day meet the person that will take me for whom am I.

18. I'm happy that you gave me a story to live and tell, you made me realize the true meaning of what love is and is not in a realtionship. I tried my best to make sure that things work out well between us, but instead, you tagged it as my being too desperate. I have accepted and I have moved on.

19. I jotted the date that we called it a quit in a relationship down in my diary, after this date, I added a note which reads "stop trying so hard to please those who dosen't love you because those who love you will take you the way that you are." You taught me a lesson that I can never forget.

20. What irritated me mostly about you was your attitude of not giving me a listening ear when I want to make a point or express myself. I have a lot of things that I would have told you that rather remained with me. I am not comfortable that you didn't give me the chance to express myself.

21. No matter how deep that you have eaten my heart, I will still find a way to let go of the feelings that I have for you. No need to keep on crying for the moon. I wish you all the best of luck and I want to also let you know that you toiled a lot with my feelings.

22. I heard you saying that I complain a lot and that's why you were no longer comfortable with our relationship. But the truth is this, your attitudes really gets me upset that even when I don't want to complain, I will be forced to do so. I am outspoken most especially when I find myself in an enviroment that I am not comfortable.

23. I was expecting that we will celebrate our love anniversary this year, but you brought this suprise package to me. Even though we don't celebrate our love anniversary, we can equally celebrate our break up anniversary.

24. My warm regards to all those around you who convinced you to end this relationship. Relationship or friendship is not by force. Let them also help you to make another choice, am sure things will alos turn sour for both of you if you didn't change a new leaf.

25. It is not easy to start living without someone whom you were really used to before. I am learning to live without you, sometimes it seems as if I can't get my mind off where you are, but nevertheless, I know that one day, you will become a "once upon a time story in my life."

26. It is hard to say goodbye, as nature may have it, I appreciate the fact that we have been together in the past and been good to each other, our separation is not a license to permanent enemy, one thing that is sure is that we must wish the other good believing that what the future holds for us is better.

27. I told myself that I don't need to be with someone who dosen't cherish nor value me. I know my worth and I know fully well that I deserve to be treated right. That is why I fully welcomed this bold step that we took. May all go well with me and you too.

28. Saying the final goodbye is too difficult for me. I can't believe that it is a reality, can someone wake me up and tell me that it is a lie? I missed you badly in my life.

29. You are my best friend and that you will always be, there is no going back about it. I will continue to love and cherish you.

30. Is it possible for you to accept my apology again? I need one more chance to show who exactly that I am. Maybe, you misunderstood me. 

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