Romantic Love Letter to My Wife

Romantic love letter to my wife is specially written for you to use and acknowledge that woman who have been by your side and has not relented in showing you her undying love. Marriage is enjoyable most especially when you marry your soulmate, if you are lucky to have been married to your missing rib, don't take her love for you for granted. Make it a point of duty to always love her right by showering her with praises and words of love constantly. It doesn't matter whether your wife is with you or far away from you because these love letters is all you need to use and communicate your love and feelings to her and this will make you a great husband to your wife. They are sweet, romantic and will go a long way in increasing the level of love that she has for you.

Romantic Love Letters to my wife

1. Everything about you is beautiful

My Honey,

You are the best choice that I have ever made since my existence. You still remains the best thing that I know in this universe. At times I wonder if there is any flaws that I can find in you, but it is impossible because you are both beautiful in and out. You are a complete package for me. I want to let you know that you are the woman that turned all my dreams about love into reality. Your ever shining teeth, your smile that sends shivers to my nerves, your laughter that completely melts my heart, your warmth touch that makes me forget my pains are among the things that makes me see you as the most amazing woman that I can ever think of. Where do I start or end? In short, everything about you is beautiful.

2. I will continue to love you as long as I live

My Heartbeat,

I have taken you as my forever love, my love for you will never decrease. The burning desire of love that united us as husband and wife will never wax cold, but will continue to increase from ages to ages. All that is in me have not only accepted you as my wife but also my life partner. You are and will always be the best wife in the whole world as long as I am concerned. There is no going back in our union and there is also no going back in the love that I have for you. Just like I have chosen you to be my soulmate forever, it has been sealed to be like that forever. You will continue to be an indispensable part of my life and the only woman whom I will live to be accountable to. I will continue to love you as long as I live.

Romantic Love Letter to My Wife

3. Thanks for being my resting place

My Soulmate,

Spending my life with you have been a great source of succour to me. You filled my world with so much joy and happiness. You opened your heart and fully welcomed me in there without any reservation. Your love for me always makes me to anticipate coming back home when I am not around so that I will continue spending my days with you. You brought a great peace of mind that was initially missing back in to my life. You took me to the highest realm of love and I am proud to let you know that I am swimming in the ocean of love made available by you. I am the happiest man in the universe having you as not only my wife, but also the love of my life. Thanks so much for being my resting place.

4. My wife, my lover, my teacher

My Missing Rib,

For the world, you are just my wife, but for me, you are more than that. You are my prayer warrior, my confident, my teacher, my girlfriend, my mentor. In short, you mean the world to me. What you have done in my life I am glad to let you know that no one else can do it for me. You have added so much value to my life, you also made me realize my worth. Thanks for always giving me a reason to get up when I fall. Your presence in my life have made me to achieve greater things . You always offer me a helping hand when I need it. The type of love that you brought to my world keeps me strong and sound. I am highly indebted to you and I am also committed to loving you each and every passing day because you are my wife, my lover and my teacher.

5. You are my passion and my life

My World,

What would have been of my life without you? You may not know what you mean to me and my world. I want to let you know that "You are simply the best among the rest". You are so special to me. You met all my expectations of what my life partner should be like, you not only met all these expectations, but you gave me more than what I bargained for in a wife. You understands every situation and you equally knows how to handle every situation that's what makes me believe that you are specially and uniquely made for me. I smile because of you, I laugh because of you, I get stronger each and every passing day just because I have someone like you inmy life. I just want to let you know that you are my passion and my life. 

Romantic Love Letter to My Wife

6. I love you with my heart and my soul

My Queen,

Can any other person love you more than I do? No, it is impossible. What I feel for you does not just mean the four lettered word "love" but transcends beyond that. You are the love that I know and see and my love for you radiates all over my life. It resides permanently in my heart and in my soul and I hope you know that it is the safest place for it. Even when I don't voice it out, know that my heart knows it all. I love you and I will not deviate from loving you right because you are a part of me whom I will never like to offend. You have showed my love, you proved to me that true love really exists that's why I will continue to love you with my heart and my soul.

7. I cannot live without you

My Dearest,

You have become a part of me to the extent that I now feel and see you in all that I am doing. In my dreams, I am always with you. Seeing your face, hearing your voice keeps me going. You just reads my mood just by looking at me. You are the one who brought me out from darkness to light and that is why I will never take your love for me for granted. You are my missing rib and I am very happy that I found you on time and the highest point in my life was the day that you accepted me to be a part of your life. You are the only woman that I will live to love and that is why I cannot live without you.

Romantic Love Letter to My Wife

8. You are sweeter than honey

My Love,

I am not joking when I tell you that you are the sweetest thing that I know. Your touch sends goose to my flesh. Your kisses leaves me desiring for more. Your voice sounds like that of an Angel full of funny and comforting words.  Even when I try to annoy you, you always gives me the opposite of my expectations. Life with you have been truly sweet and enjoyable. I am always proud to let my friends and all who cares to know that I have not only a wife, but also a great soulmate and my perfect match. Our love will continue to remain evergreen and always stand the taste of time because you are sweeter than honey.

9. You are not only a good wife, but also a good mother to our kids

My Woman,

Our kids are so lucky to have you as their mother. You are a good moral inculcator, a great disciplinarian and a good sign post for our kids. When I watch the way that you are raising them up, I feel highly convinced that we are raising great leaders of tomorrow. Your motherly roles, you don't take for granted, always available for me and our kids both physically and emotionally. I strongly believe that our kids will also be proud of me for making a great choice where you are. I can never stop loving you. Thanks so much for not only being a good wife, but also a good mother to our kids.

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