Letter to a Strong Mother

The sacrifices of a mother cannot be overemphasized, from taking care of the kids, the husband and making sure that everything is in order to also ensuring that the children becomes useful in future. That is why I have written these letter to a strong mother for you to use and appreciate that woman who is always ready to make sure that you get the best. Appreciating your Mom should be done on a daily basis not minding whether you're her son or her daughter. Celebrate your Mum always because motherhood is a great task and only the wise women handles it perfectly. Send these love letters to your Mom during her mother's day and any other special day of celebration. Send thank you letters to the woman who goes extra miles to get you what you needs.

1. You are my role model

My Sweet Mom,

I will always follow your footseps because you are a real definition of a virtuos woman. Mummy, I will never forget how you made sure that none of us deviated from the right track. Even when there are insufficient resources in the home, you know how to allocate the available resources that it will keep us going. You never competed with anyone, but you rather competed with yourself in making sure that our home is the best place to be. You showered great love to all and sundry that is why apart from we your biological children, a lot of people call you their Mummy. I have a great Mum where you are and that's why you will always be my role model.

2. You will reap the fruit of your labour

My Unforgettable Mother,

You are an inestimable woman. I always feel proud each time I remember that I have a wonderful mother like you. You have really tried for your children and that is why you deserve the best for all that you have done. You are a very strong and hardworking woman. Silver and gold will not be enough to use and pay you back because you deserve the best. Take it from me Mum, you will never regret being committed in training and taking care of your children. You will get all that you need in order to be happy in this world. We will always make sure that we represent you well wherever we go, and above all, my prayer for you is that God will continue to bless you with good health and long life so that you will live to reap the fruit of your labour.

Letter to a Strong Mother

3. You are my first love and I will always love

My Dearest Mom,

You not only taught me how to love but also showed me great love. Your own method of motherhood is superb. You know how to instruct, direct and reprimand us at every point in time. God really bestowed you with this great knowledge I must confess. You loved and treated all your children very well without sentiments. Even when we offends you, your corrects us in such a way that it does not have a permanent scar on us. You always carry out all your motherly roles with great joy and happiness. Mummy, do you know why I love you so much? It is because the word "hatred" does not exist in your heart. You are my first love and I will live to love you.

4. You are the best cook in the whole world

Sweet Mother,

Kudos to the woman who does not only know how to take great care of her kids, but also how to cook delicious meals. When I left home was when it became clearer to me that you are the best cook in the whole world. I tasted the various foods that you cook for us in our home outside but I still was not able to see any that have that great taste that your meals have that makes me keep demanding for more. You know how to balance diets in order to give us the best nutritional value that we require to grow well, no wonder all of us grew to be strong and energetic. Your cooking enviroment is the first point of attraction because you always make sure that everywhere is neat and all your cooking utensils are well arranged. The way that you serve your meals makes me keep on salivating. You are the best cook in the whole world and there is no doubt about it.

Letter to a strong mother

5. Thanks so much for understanding me more than anyone else


You have this wonderful talent of reading emotions. At times, I pretend as if I am okay, but to my greatest suprise, immediately you take a look at my face, you will quickly understand that all is not well with me. You will try to inquire what is the matter is and try so hard in putting me in a happy mood. Right from my childhood to adulthood, you never stopped showing me this love and care. You are a special human and a special creation. You really brought a great joy and happiness to my life by revealing to me the real meaning of life, how to handle every situation in order to get a positive result. You are that Mum who does not take delight in seeing me unhappy. Thanks so much for understanding me more than anyone else.

6. You are the secret behind my success

 My Incomparable Mummy,

You made me understand that motherhood does not end in giving your children food and taking care of the home but rather extends to making sure that your children becomes useful in future. I can vividly recall how you always wakes me up in order for me to read my books, how you encouraged me to work harder in order to achieve better results. I remember also when you told us that your greatest happiness will be seeing each and everyone of your children become successful in his or her chosen career. I am here to let you know that all your efforts towards making sure that we become useful was not a waste. I want to also let you know that you are the secret behind my success.

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