Letter to my future self - Dear Future self

 You need to always love and appreciate yourself even when no one else does. Letter to my future self is specially written for you to use and appreciate that person you are and also that you wish to be. Set out plans and targets for yourself realising that no mountain is too high for you to climb, only believe that you can make it, you can thrive against all odds and work towards it, and don't be surprise seeing yourself achieving more than you wished. Ask your dear future self not to relent in working harder so as to get to the top.

Letter to My Future Self

1. You have worked so hard, you deserve the best

My Dear Self,

It is undisputable that you are a hardworking being. You have committed so much time towards making sure that you got the best. You sacrificed all that makes you happy in order to make sure that you remained focused in what you are doing. At times, it seems your efforts are not yielding a great result when compared to your input. You are someone that I know who believes so much in working steadily until you achieve a better result. Do not relent, all your efforts will not be in vain, you will definietly get to the top because you have worked so hard and you deserve the best.

Letter to my future self - Dear Future self

2. As I watch You grow into the person that you want to become

My Lovely Self,

I have watched you thrive in the midst of pains and adversaries. You stood tall even when it seems the mighty winds wants to blow you away. You shunned all the negative comments made to weigh you down but rather made them a stepping stone towards your success. Even when no one believed in you, you believed in yourself. When the whole world misunderstood, you suprisingly understood yourself. You are among those who do not give up but rather keeps striving until they achieve their goals. You have endured a lot, you have fought and won many battles and I want to let you know that you are stronger than you think. I am proud as I watch you grow into that person that you want to become.

3. No one can pull you down because God is on your side

My Future Self,

As you are gradually climbing your ladder of Sucess, I want to assure you that even the mightiest wind can not blow you down because God is on your side. You are moving at your own space and at your own speed and you are not in competition with any one but only with yourself and nothing can definetly stop you from getting to the top. You have all that it takes to rule your world and that is why I strongly believe that with God on your side, no one can ever pull you down.

Letter to my future self - Dear Future self

4. Those who hate you for no reason will later love you

My Humble Self,

You have been walking gently on your tip toes so that you don't step on anyone's feet, but you still realize that there are those who still feel offended by your actions. You have tried to please as many people as you can, but at times it seems as if all your efforts are in vain. Your inability to be where you want to be and where they want you to be have made you lose a lot of friends. But for me, I hope that it is a matter of little time all will be well. All the negative impressions that they have about you will one day make them to become liars. You are going to be greater and bigger more than you think that one day, those who hate you will regret why they did initially.

5. The Sky is your starting point

Dearest Self,

You have achieved a lot, you may think, but have it in mind that it is not over until it is over. What you have achieved so far is just a pinch of salt because greater packages are in store for you in future. You got all the talents, you got all the skills, you are trying your little best, I will want to advice you to that you should keep soaring higher because your best is not enough as you need to strive harder and be at the place that you desire to be. The sky is just your starting point as you will go beyond it.

6. The past, present and future will never forget you

My Irreplaceable Self.

You are destined to be great, you are also destined to create positive records that can never be wiped out in the face of history. You are going to be among the greatest achievers that the world would have ever had. Keep making your laudable achievements, keep on putting more efforts in your field. I will not say that you have gotten there but rather you will definietly get there. The whole world will celebrate and reckon your achievements as soon as possible. The past, the present and the future will never forget you.

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