Letter to my Ex

Letter to my Ex
- Relationships sometimes comes to an end whether deliberately or in deliberately. A Letter to my ex is written for you to use and express you feelings and concerns to your ex. Breaking up with that person who was once a part of your life is not easy to bear, but you have no other option rather than to accept what you can't change. Parting ways with your one time friend or lover leaves you with so many unanswered questions and imaginations, some people encounter serious heartbreaks and in coordination. There are some exes whom we cannot deny the fact were wonderful even to the extent that we can't stop thinking about them after parting ways, while others are mistakes that should not repeat itself in our life.

 Communicating to your one time partner based on what you are feeling or felt about him or her is not a bad idea. You may have so many unspoken words, so this is an opportunity for you to pour out your heart. If he or she is the good type, don't fail to acknowledge him or her, if he or she is those that you wished you had nothing to do with them, also let him or her know as this may enable them to make amendments in their future relationships. Saying the final goodbye may seem difficult, but you need to be courageous and don't let it weigh you down. Whether it is your boyfriend or girlfriend, we have got suitable words for you to use and address such a person. Chances are that both of you might end up being together again if you are still interested in this relationship that's why you need to be careful in choosing your words.

Letter to my Ex

 1. You left me with so many unspoken words


Our break up happened without you giving me a notice. I was flabbergasted the day that you told me that it was over between us. If I had seen it coming, I would have told you so many things that I have in mind about you. I have been enduring your bad attitudes all this while hoping that you will change for better one day, but the more that I tried to endure, the more you continued displaying all these heartbreaking attitudes. I respect your choice on whom to be in a relationship with, but one thing that I want to let you know is that you should stop toiling with people's feelings and emotions. You may have gotten it cool with me, but it may not be like that with another person. I should have been the one who should have honourably bowed out of this relationship. I still want to let you know that you left me with so many unspoken words.

2. You taught me a lot


You are my ex, it is now very clear to me. I have come to terms with that and there is no going back. I always like saying the truth that is why I want to let you know that our years of being together was not a waste. I learnt a lot from you and I know that you also learnt a lot from me. You made me realize why I should not trust anyone wholeheartedly, why I should not reveal all about myself easily to any other person. You taught me how to be ready to expect anything from a relationship and how to manage break ups. You equally made me realize that not all friends are friends. There are also a lot of good things which I learnt from you that I can't deny. I learnt how to not relent but work steadily until I achieve my goal and how to manage my time so that I don't get choked. You also taught me how to manage friends even those that have little to offer. I'm glad I met you and I am also glad that we realized on time that we are not a perfect match for each other. Thanks in all because I strongly believe that you taught me a lot.

Letter to My Ex

3. I am no longer where you left me

My Ex,

You kicked me out like a trash in your life. You never considered my feelings and emotions. All the quality times that we shared together, you forgot in a hurry. It was so inhumane of you. I didn't know that I can ever recover from the shock that you caused me. You made me hate being in a relationship because you gave me the impression that I can meet another toxic person like you out there. You left me in a helpless and hopeless state that I wondered what I could have done to merit such an ill treatment from you. You taught me that my life would be useless without you but I am here to let you know that the opposite of all your negative expectations happened. Heartbreak did not kill me but made me stronger. I found another person who treated me just the way that I want to be treated, who respects my feelings and emotions and above all, who have accepted to be with me forever. Our relationship will always remain a story that I will not be proud of telling another person. In all these, I am happy because I am no longer where you left me.

4. You left a part of you with me

Hello Dear

I hope you understand that before we parted ways, we were so glued to each other that we taught that we were inseparable. I will not mince word in telling you that it got to an extent when I could not stop seeing or thinking about you each and every passing day. Then, suddenly, we called it a quit in our relationship. To be honest with you, it was a great blow to me because I never believed that such a thing will be possible. I picked up my pieces together and tried to move on, but I realized that it was very difficult for me to stop thinking about you. It really affected me in so many areas of my life as anyone that sees me then can easily recognize that I was passing through difficult moments. I became a walking shadow of myself. In all these, I got encouragement from people around me who made me realize that I need to love myself again and embrace life and it's reality. I then started developing a thicker skin before I gradually got my humble self back. I want to let you know that I still think about you because I strongly believe that you left a part of you with me.

Letter to My Ex

5. I don't hate you but I hate your actions

My one time friend,

When I start to reflect back on all that happened during the course of our relationship, I wonder why I did not read the hand writing on the wall on time. The first time that I met you, I fell in love with your personality, that made me conclude that I have finally made my soulmate. As time goes on, I realized that my assumptions were totally wrong. Most of your actions were so embarrassing to me that made me wondered what type of human being that you were. Your never stopped sounding rude to me, your level of nagging became so high that I can no longer condone it, your selfishness always make me to think twice on why I keep on hanging around you then. In all these, I see another part of me trying to make me hang around you. At a particular point in time, it became clearer to me that our relationship is capable of ruining my entire life that was why I have to let go of you. Nevertheless, I want to let you know that I would have been with you till today because I don't hate you, but it was your actions that made me go.

6. You are still my best friend

Hello Dear,

In life, we come across a lot of people who could either be a blessing or a lesson to us. That was why I didn't regret meeting you because I believed that it happened for a purpose. We have parted ways but I want to let you know that I don't see you as my enemy. To be in a relationship with someone is not by force but rather something that comes from the deepest part of our heart. One thing that I must greatly admire about our relationship is how we were able to part ways peacefully realizing that we were incompatible and not a perfect match for each other.  I still will hold on to your great words of advice and encouragement which has always been of great help to me. I learnt a lot from that is among the reasons why I will never forget you in a hurry. You are still my best friend because I still hold you in high esteem.

7. What a world without you

My Friend,'

I still believe that there is something about you which is irreplaceable in my world. You are special and unique in your own way. It is still very difficult for me to refer to you as "my ex" when I am talking to you. I am still trying to learn how to adapt to this world without you. I really missed our relationship and I really missed you in my life. The vacuum that you have created in my life would be very difficult to be filled by any other person. You are very fun to be with, lovely and I really enjoyed your company. I respected your decision that we should break up because I know that you have your reasons. What a world without you, so lonely and vast.

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