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Are you searching for the best propose letter for girlfriend? Have you seen the the girl that you love but you don't know how to declare your intention to her? Or, you want to propose marriage to your girlfriend? You are not alone in this situation, all you need to do is to find the right or suitable words that will express how you feel for her. Know that sending her proposal letter will go a long in melting her heart and increasing the rate of her love for you. Here, we have written great love proposal letter for her.

1. Accept My Love, Else I Will Not Be Myself

Hi Sweetest,

Here am I, offering you the whole of me. I will offer you my heart, my soul and my body. Please promise to hold them tight and never let go. You have captured the entire me, you have taken away my breath. You have given me a reason to live and be strong again. Each and every passing moment I desire to be with you. I promise to hold you tight and never will I break your heart. Please accept my love for you so that I will be myself again.

Propose love letter

2. In You I See My Future Wife

Hi Angel,

Ever since I set my eyes on you, I have never doubt it for a second when my mind tells me that you will be the one that will complete me and also the one that will be by my side forever. I have been waiting for the right time to let you know this. You are all that I need in a woman, you possess all that I desire in a woman. Please don't say no to me. I want you to be my future wife.

3. Your Type Is Rare To Come by, I Want To Have You Forever

Hi My Queen,

I have come to realise that once you find the right person, your mind will be at rest and all your doubts cleared. You have touched all aspects of my life. You have made a positive impact in me that no one else have ever made. I can't deny that am now a better person because of all that I learnt from you. I think it is the right time for me to ask you this "Please be the one who will always be by my side, the one that I will always look up to all times in my life, the one that will be my angel, my helpmate and the mother of my kids." I love you so much, please accept me in your life.

Propose love letter

4. My Love For You Will Never Fade

Hi My Charming Princess,

Just like the bright morning sun that shines and brightens the earth, so shall my love for you continue to shine. Just like the Roses that never fade, so shall my love for you will never fade. My love for you is unshakable and you should never doubt it for a second. I promise to always provide a leaning shoulder that you can always lean on. I will always be there for you in thin and in thick. Just accept me as your one and only lover, I will try my best and never will I let you down.

5.  I Have Chosen You, Will You Accept Me

Dear Angel,

I have chosen you to be the only woman in my life. The mother of my unborn kids, the one to enjoy my wealth and live in my kingdom. Do not have double mind in welcoming me in your life. I promise to be the best husband for you and never will I take your love for me for granted. I love you so much.

Propose love letter

6. I Love You Unconditionally, I Mean It When I Say It

Dear Sugar,

Everything about you is perfect to me, your smile, I can't resist, your laughter melts my heart. Your gentle touch sends shivers to my nerves. Your words of advice is what I always crave to hear. Your beauty shines as bright as the morning star. You are therefore irresistible to me. All I ask from you is an opportunity for me to be a part of your life. I will be the happiest man on earth if my request is accepted.
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