What  it  means to dream about your crush

Dreaming about your crush can sometimes leave you with so many unanswered questions and I guess that you are looking for an answer to some of these questions that's why you are here. You may have come across someone that you realized that you can't stop thinking about. This can translate into constant dreaming about that person. You may dream where you and your crush is holding hands, kissing each other, gisting or even quarreling. The type of dream that you have about him or her will determine the meaning and the steps you need to take. If you find yourself in this type of situation, know that you are not alone as I am going to share a story with you about someone that confided in me and told me what transpired between him and his crush and also seeking my advice.

Read the story; Jones (names have been changed), was travelling back to his base, in a bus that he boarded was a beautiful lady sitting close to him. Jones took several glances at this lady and really admired her but don't know exactly how to start the conversation with her. Suddenly, the lady by name Lucy, brought out a novel to read,"yes this is the right time to talk to Lucy"  Jones said in his mind. He politely asked Lucy to give him the book so that he could have a glance at it and Lucy without wasting time stylishly handed over the book to him while she then focused on other things. While Jones was skimming through the pages of the book, he saw where Lucy wrote her number, he smartly copied it and also wrote his own number on the same page of the book and immediately handed the book over to Lucy. Jones also noticed that Lucy took quick glances at him most especially when he was not looking at her. When he reached his final bus stop, he bided her goodbye and headed towards his destination. That night onwards." Jones did not rest as he had all sorts of dreams about Lucy where they were enjoying the company of each other and also having quality times but wasn't fully convinced about what do with those dreams."  He then reached out to me for further clarification and interpretation of theses dreams.

  What it means to dream about your crush and what you can do about it

Here are the reasons that I gave Jones which may be responsible for his constant dreaming about his crush and the steps he should take;

1. He is desiring to know her more

There is something in you telling you that you need to know more about your crush. You have started developing emotions for your crush. If you are someone who works with his or her instincts, you may understand that sometimes it doesn't misdirect you most especially when you take proper time to analyze and interpret those dreams before taking any further action. Before you take a step further, ask yourself these simple questions; Is this infatuation or lust? What is attracting me towards this person? Is it something that should make me go for this person? If you answer these questions truthfully, you will then know the next step to take.

What  it  means to dream about  your crush

2. Chances are that she is also thinking about you

Just like the saying goes "Minds works together". It may be that your crush is also thinking about you. She  may have also find you amazing but may not have gotten the opportunity to reach out to you. She may also be making efforts to reach out to you but not fully convinced on how to go about it. I now let him know that since he has told me that she is amazing and if possible, he will like to hear more from her, let him try and turn his fantasies to reality.

3. Nature wants to draw the both of you closer to each other

Whether you are looking for a friend or life partner, this may be a great opportunity that has presented itself to you. At times, when you miss such chances, you may regret it later. Some people have been lucky to meet people who have been of great help to them and others I must tell you ends up meeting their life partner. There are others too who have regretted going further to know their crush because they have been scammed, insulted or betrayed in the process. But in all, you need to be careful when you want to make a move most especially someone you don't know much about, have someone that you will confide in just the way that Jones confided in me and let the person know when you want to make that move so that you will be guided and in case if anything goes wrong, such a person can actually be of help.

What  it. means to dream about  crush

4. It can be as a result of reflection of thoughts

Some dreams requires you to take action while others simply do not. There are some people who takes their dreams serious because it serves as a source of revelation for them while others take theirs as "it is only just a dream". Which category of people are you? Tell yourself the truth. Are you among those whose past activities keeps on reoccurring to you in your dream?  If yes, then, it may be among such dreams. One thing that can actually help you get over such dreams is for you to try and focus your mind, thinking, imaginations on other things and see how it goes.

What did Jones do?

Like I earlier said, Jones made me to understand that he finds his crush perfectly amazing, and I advised him to go ahead and see if he can be able to locate her. He went ahead and was also surprise to know that his crush was also thinking about him, had a great admiration of him and was also thinking about reaching out to him after discovering his phone number on the book that she gave to him. So, she was highly excited to meet Jones. It is worthy to not that today, Lucy is the best friend that Jones have and with the way there relationship is going, Jones is planning to spend the rest of his life with her.

What does this means to you?

If your crush is traceable, why not try your luck instead of making assumptions. That your dreams may become a reality if you take the proper steps. When you are planning to do this, remember to be calculative and don't sound like a "desperado". When your crush says no, gently walk away and do not insult or humiliate him or her in any way. When you are not fully convinced about your dreams, you can let it go.

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