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Here, we have written deep love messages for lovers which you can use to tell the one that you love how special he/she is to you and how you are feeling about him/her. Sending these love messages to your lover will help to strengthen your relationship.

You have a lot of  love text messages for lovers which you can select anyone that suits your feelings from.

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Deep Love Messages For Lovers
Lovely Text Messages For Lovers
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Deep Love Messages For Lovers

1.  I will share my life with you; I will share everything I have with you. I love you!

2.  Your love blew like a gentle breeze on me and calmly swept me off my feet. I love you like no one else.

3. You are irreplaceable in my life. Nothing can be compared to what you worth to me. You are my world, you are my everything.

4.  You are the medicine that soothes my pain, your love gives me endless joy. I love you so much.

5. You are beautiful both in and out. Your astonishing beauty is incomparable. I love you so much.

6.  My love for you is for a lifetime, though it may have beginning but it won't have an end.

7.  Do you know why I love you so much? Just because you are not only my friend and lover, but also you are motivator and my great companion.

8.  You are blessing to my life, the answer to my prayer. I love you so much.

Deep Love Messages For Lovers - Love Text Messages

9.  I was a plant that was planted during the dry season, I was withering with no one to care for me, but you came across my way and watered me, now am flourishing and blossoming. I love you my love.

10.  Each and every passing day, my love for you will continue to glow, even with ages, it will keep on getting stronger.

11.  At times I pause and ponder, and ask my self what my life would have been like without you? Thank God for bringing you across my way.

12. My love for you is real, my love for you is true and never will I betray the trust that you have on me. I love you!

13.  When you meet the right person, you will not have anything to doubt about that person for a second. I can never doubt my love for you or your love for me.

14.  I may not have it all, but I thank you so much for accepting me just the way I am.

15.  You will always be my sweet Angel, thanks for always giving me a shoulder to lean on.

16.  Everything about you is so special; your smile, laughter and appearance are all unique. I love you.

17.  Without mincing words, "I love you with all my heart and I will never play with your love for me."

Lovely Text Messages For Lovers

18.  You have created a space in my life that no one can fill. I will you love till the end and no one can take your place in my life.

19.  I'm  lucky for being in the hands of the right person. Never will I trade my love for you with silver or gold.

20.  I will love you even in your worst. I will love you despite your flaws.

21.  Our love is now the talk of the town, people envy the way we love each other. I love you my sweetest.

22.  I promise to build a paradise filled with love for both of us. A paradise where love, joy and happiness will be the story morning, afternoon and night.

Deep Love Messages For Lovers - Love Text Messages

23.  Just like drops of rainfall, your love showers my body and gives me a calm and tender feeling.

24.  I want to our love and relationship to be an exemplary one, please be open to me and inform me anytime I offend you or do what you don't like.

25.  I will go extra miles just to make sure that I don't hurt or make you to regret your love for me. I love you like no other.

26.  I will still choose you in a million people, if you are not there I will rather remain lonely. I love you.

27.  You conquered my loneliness, you took away my fears. You made me strong and whole. I will forever love you.

Caring Love Text Messages For Lovers

28.  Falling I love with you is something that gives a feeling that is incomparable. Having you as a part of me is one of the greatest source of happiness in this life. I love you.

29.  The first day that I set my eyes on you, my heart immediately told me that you are the one. I thank God that I didn't doubt my heart and I thank you for proving my heart right.

30.  I feel proud telling my family and friends that I'm in love with you, just because you are wonderful person.

31. Just like a mountain that can't be shaken, so is my love for you. My love for you is unshakable!

32.  I have welcomed you in my life, it will be till eternity and no going back about it. I love you my Angel.

33.  You are my lover, my hero and my friend.

34.  You gave me the exact definition of true. For all the love that you have shown to me, I will greatly reward you.

35.  Thanks for loving me the way you do, thanks for loving me for whom I am. I love you so much!

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