Birthday Poems for your son - Funny Birthday Poems for son

As a father or mother, you should not hide the joy and the love that you have for your child. Show your son that you love him by using these birthday poems which are funny, inspirational and heartwarming.

Birthday Poems for your Son - Funny Birthday Poems for Son

Share these great happy birthday wishes words of love, inspiration and wisdom with your son on his birthday. Whether you are Mom or Dad, always keep the love between you and your son glowing.

My Son is Getting Older, And I am Proud of it

Birthday Poems for your son - Funny Birthday poems for son

1.  My boy is getting older, my son is now a man

My son is getting wiser and I am proud of it
I can't forget the day you were born,
 I can't forget the joy I had
Oh how lucky I am, to have a son like you.

2.  Everyday I remember you, I count myself lucky
For having a wonderful son like you
You have always proved to me,
That you are the best I could ask for
You have all the qualities, which I desired for in a son.

3.  My prayer for you, as you add another year today
Is to keeping on growing in love
Keep on being that obedient son
That you have always been
In all you do, keep on making me proud

4.  A son like no other is +1 today, a year older today
Oh how happy I am today
To celebrate with you,
And I always keep celebrating you
Just know that, you are the best and you are so special to me.

5.  Every parents deserves a son
So gentle as you are
Every parents deserves a son
That will give them joy, just like you do to us
May the addition of another year not change the good son you are.

6.  In all that you do
Always remember that your Dad loves you
Your Dad/Mom will always care for you
All you have to is to keep making me proud
And as the day goes by, I will keep on loving and being proud of you.

7.  Continue to grow
Continue to soar higher
Greater heights you shall attain
No gloom shall come your way
They have been removed already, and a brighter future you will have.

8.  When you marry
And have your own kids
They shall treat you right, just the way you treated us
You will experience unspeakable joy, that comes with fatherhood.

9.  In all your paths
You shall meet kind people like you
Where others fail you shall succeed
And you will always remain outstanding.
Helpers you shall meet, in your times of difficulties and challenges.

10.  More birthdays shall you live to celebrate
In happiness and in good health
Your Dad/Mom will also live to see you
Celebrate more, and more years together with you.

You are now more matured, old habits should go away

Birthday Poems for your son - Funny Birthday Poems for son

1. As you add another year today

Know that you are getting older
All those your old habits will have to change
With an addition of another year.

2. No more candies, no more sweets
Because it is meant for small kids
No more jumping from one table to the other
You are now more matured.

3. As you add another year today
Be ready to take your house chores serious
Just like your older brothers
As you get older, the stronger you become.

A Perfect Gift of God to me

Birthday Poems for your son - Funny Birthday poems for son

1.  A special gift from God to me
A gift that my heart welcomes
The son who melts my heart
Indeed, God sent
He wipes away my tears of trouble
He makes me believes that my dreams have come true
You are indeed a reward from God
Money and Gold can't offer.
Happy Birthday!

2.  People use millions seeking for joy
But you were given free of charge from God to me
The son who makes me come back early
Just to see his smiling face
See how joyful the gifts of God is
No sorrow, no pain
The joy of Mummy, the joy of Daddy
God has already ordained and shaped your destiny.
Happy Birthday!

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