Nneka Isaac Moses's Biography

Meet Nneka Isaac Moses

If you have seen Nneka Isaac Moses of Goge Africa, then you may have noticed her set of sparkling gapped white teeth. Nneka Moses is a true definition of an African woman who does not play with African culture.

You can call her the queen of tourism. Nneka Moses is a wife, mother, fashion designer, presenter, destination influencer, producer of the multiple award winning TV show, Goge Africa.

Nneka Isaac Moses's Biography


Nneka Isaac Moses is a native of Anambra State in Eastern Nigeria.


She obtained a bachelor's degree in English language and literature from the University of Lagos from 1987 to 1990.


 In 1997, Nneka got married to Isaac. In one of her interviews with Naij.com, Nneka narrated her first encounter with her husband whom she met in the year 1996 and they got married in the year 1997. According to her, she met her husband on a movie set and noticed him more when he grabbed and kissed her which she responded to with a slap. He later apologized to her, and the rest became history while their journey began. Nneka and husband were blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Isaac Kamara Moses in the year 2012 after 13 years of marriage.

Nneka Isaac Moses's Biography


Nneka Moses Isaac is multi talented.

As a fashion designer

She founded the Akenn-G fashion house in Surulere Lagos which specializes in providing costumes for TV commercials, movies, and other special occasions.

As an actress

She has featured in the movie, love in vendetta produced by Zack Orji, a Nollywood actor and producer, where she had her first encounter with her husband.

Nneka Isaac Moses's Biography

Goge Africa

Immediately after she tied the knot with her husband, Nneka and her husband established Goge Africa, a program which aims at promoting African culture,  music, tourism, food and ways of life of Africans through Television, radio and magazines. The cultural program is now popular across the globe and have also won awards. The program is watched by over 40 million viewers across the globe. This year, 2019 made it 20 years because they started the program in 1999.

Nneka Isaac Moses's Biography

 In the year 2011, Nneka Moses received an award as the young ambassador for peace by the Universal Peace federation.

She has also received an award as the top African 100 women in tourism.

She has visited over 32 countries together with her team, in Africa where she showcases the rich African culture.

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