How to get rid of wall Gecko

Are you tired of seeing wall Geckos in your house but don't know how to remove them? The good news is that after applying those home products, you will not see them again.

What are wall Geckos?

Wall Geckos ( house Geckos or house lizards) are group of reptiles which can be seen  on the walls of our building and other areas of the building, some species hides during the day but appears during the night. They hide in cracks where they will see light and feeds mainly on the insects that they can catch.

Are wall Geckos harmful?

Wall Geckos have been shown not to be harmful. Some species of wall Geckos can bite when distressed, but their bites are not severe.

Why do we need to get rid of them?

Wall Geckos can be a source of discomfort to us, their presence is sometimes scares little children, and they can also fall and enter our food if not properly covered. Wall Geckos can be found in any house whether clean or dirty.

How to we make use of home products to repel wall Geckos?

I am going to show you the various home products you can use and how to prepare and apply them in order to get rid of wall Geckos from your house.

1. Garlic and Salt

Get Garlic and salt, blend the Garlic and salt together. Spread them in the areas of your house where you normally see wall Geckos, it will pursue them. This is because wall Geckos does not like the smell of Garlic and salt.

How to get rid of wall gecko using Garlic

How to get rid of wall Gecko using Salt


  2. Egg shell

Get an Egg shell, break the egg shell. Don't break them into pieces, you can carefully break it in to two, keep the egg shell in those areas of your house where you normally see wall Geckos.

How to get rid of wall Gecko using Egg shell
Egg shell
Is that all?

After doing all these, I will advise you make sure that your windows does not have openings to allow them to enter again, also make sure that you don't have too much luggage in hidden areas of your house because they like such corners and can still persist to live there.

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