Beds bugs effects, sources and control

Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the specie, Cimex lectularis. It is a blood sucking insect that feeds mainly on human blood. Bed bugs have been an insect that is a source of concern to many homes. Some families can no longer sleep comfortably as a result of the activities of these insects. One of the striking feature of this insect is its blood sucking method which may not be noticed by the person whom it is sucking the blood from. Their high rate of multiplication makes it possible for them to colonize any area that the enter easily. Their hiding places in a home are numerous, these include; crevices, pillow cases, inside the foam, shoes, clothes, bags etc.

How does bed bugs enter our homes?
People often wonder how these insects enter their houses, but the truth is that their sources of entry are numerous.

1. If you visit a home that has bed bugs, don't be surprise that one can crawl and enter your cloth or shoe. A single bed bug within 1-2 months can produce many eggs which can colonize your house immediately.

2. Where you are living: Bed bugs can enter your house from your neighborhood. 

3. Through what you purchase from the market: Some people who are selling things and have bed bugs in their houses can harbour them in their goods. If you buy such things that bed bugs or its eggs are attached to, it might get transferred to your house by this means.

4. It can also be an inhabitant of the area that you parked into: Sometimes when you park into a new apartment, most especially some areas that are bed bug ladened, if there are bed bugs in the house, you are going to automatically inherit them.

Effects of bed bugs

1. Bed bugs makes us to be uncomfortable most especially when we are sleeping at night.

2. Its blood sucking activity can result to itching, redness ,blisters and rashes on the affected area.

3.It makes us unsure of ourselves. For instance, when you are in the midst of people in public, you will be constantly checking yourself to know if there is anyone attached to your clothes.

4. It can prevent people who may have noticed it from visiting your house.

Prevention and control

Tackle it immediately: If you notice a single bed bug in your house, have it in mind that it may not be only that one you are seeing, others maybe hiding somewhere. So immediately you notice it, be on your feet and start tackling them.

Use insecticides: Bed bugs are not only the ones you are seeing with your eyes, they have tiny eggs which can be hidden anywhere in your house, so, don't just be killing them one by one, make use of strong insecticides because the may be stubborn to get rid of sometimes.

Fumigate when necessary: Before you park into an apartment, most especially those that someone have lived in before, make sure you fumigate it to eliminate any trace of it.

Personal hygiene: Keep your apartment neat, and also carry a routine inspection in all the areas of your house as this can help you to detect them early.

Make use of heat: Once in a while, expose your house to heat, you can sundry your clothes, foams etc. Use hot water in washing those things that you think maybe harbouring them.

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