Bobrisky's Biography

Meet Bobrisky

If you are Nigerian who always stay updated in Snap chat and Instagram, then you must have heard of Bobrisky or seen his pictures. Bobrisky is a controversial figure, who all of a sudden changed and preferred to be addressed as "she" instead of  "he" that he is.

Okuneye Idris Olaranweju ( Bobrisky) was born in 1992 and currently she is 27 years old. She comes from Ogun State, but she was born and raised up in Lagos. Bobrisky attended King's College, graduated from UNILAG all in Lagos State.

Bobrisky is the last child of a polygamous family of three wives.
She is still single.

What lead to Bobrisky's transformation?

While in higher institution then, Bobrisky was a good make- up artist that attracted ladies around him, she also had good dancing steps.

Bobrisky's Biography
Photo credit: @Bobrisky Instagram

After Bobrisky graduated, he ventured into beauty products mainly selling skin whitening products, he was dark then. In order to prove to his customers that his products were actually working, she started making use of the products that she was selling, until her colour completely became fair skinned.

Did Bobrisky do plastic Surgery?

Bob sometime announced his interest in growing some parts of his body which will make him look exactly like a female, some has started showing, but we can't conclude whether she did a plastic surgery or she is wearing artificial. Bobrisky also claims that "he" is beautiful than most females.

Is Bobrisky a gay?

According to the law in Nigeria, any body guilty of homosexuality is meant to serve jail terms for 14 years. But people still wonder how Bobrisky managed to escape such after mentioning sometimes that he had a "bae" man who is taking care of him, but when being interviewed by Samuel Olantunji, She refuted such claims, and chooses to be known as a "cross dresser."

Bobrisky's Biography
Photo credit: @Bobrisky Instagram

Is Bobrisky's life style paying him?

From the look of Bobrisky's appearance, you can easily conclude that a lot of fashion houses who are into female products are really patronizing her.

She has been the brand ambassador of some companies who are into female products, Bobrisky advertises their products such as wigs, eye lashes, make ups, etc by putting them on which you can hardly recognize that she is a "he", in addition to selling his own product.

Is Bobrisky an actor?

Recently, news had it that there was a movie released which featured Bobrisky, and some people criticized the act reason being that Bobrisky still played the role of a female, and the question was; Were the producers or directors trying to promote Bobrisky?

Net worth

Bobrisky has her own white skin whitening products and other beauty products which he sells and make money from them. He owns a shop in Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria, where he sells those products.

Bobrisky's Biography
Photo credit: @Bobrisky Instagram

Like you can easily conclude, Bobrisky has a diverse source of income, he has large number of followers in her social media accounts, thus Bobrisky runs sponsored ads.

Bobrisky is also a brand ambassador who uses his page to display the various collections of such companies.

Bobrisky claims he owns a Benz, G- wagon, bought a 5- bedroom flat in Lekki Peninsula, which according to him, took him 12 million naira to furnish and lots of other undeclared properties.

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