United we stand, divided we fall

Nigeria is a great nation I must admit. No wonder it is known as the "giant of Africa". We are richly blessed with both natural resources and with an environment devoid of many forms of natural disasters. Our land is very fertile, and above all, we are richly blessed with petroleum resources which is a great source of revenue for the country.

But the question I want to ask is this, As the giant of Africa, are we really living up to expectations? I think we should be a source of encouragement, a great country that every other African country will truly want to emulate. Are we truly up to this standard? What can we use to prove to other African countries that we are truly the giant of Africa?

Let me go further with my questions, Why the massive migrations of Nigerians to other countries even those that Nigeria should be better than? Let me give you instances, our youths are now migrating in their numbers to countries such as Mozambique, Ghana, Côte d'voir etc in search of greener pasture. It is a pity because I believe that if Nigerian is conducive enough, the rate of massive migrations will be reduced.

What baffles me most is that some countries are now denying Nigerians travelling visas, anyway I don't blame them because what Nigerians are facing have made them to devise means to acquire money both legally and illegally when the travel to those nations. Oh, what a great pity!

But all hope is not lost. We should bear in mind that " a nation divided against itself cannot stand", united we stand, divided fall." We should try and retrace our steps, let's put Religious differences aside, let's put political differences aside, ethnicity should also be kept aside, so that we can have a better Nigeria.

Even in our immediate families, when we start going apart, when we start doing things separately, when we no longer value each other, disunity sets in, and if care is not taken, division takes over.

Please our dear leaders, give appointments without sentiments. Give appointments to those that are qualified for such positions so that they can work together to achieve a better Nigeria.

When you are carrying out various projects, also keep ethnicity aside, keep party differences aside, let your projects be evenly distributed across all states in Nigeria. This will promote unity, and reduce division and economic hardship which many Nigerians are facing, united we stand, divided we fall!

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If we walk separately, when we are divided, it will be easier for the enemies to enter and conquer. Let us maintain our motto "unity and faith, peace and progress." One love Nigeria!

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