Rules for a happy marriage

A happy marriage life is one thing I know that both married and unmarried people crave for. It is not difficult to have a happy marriage life. When you have are in a happy marriage, you will have peace of mind and also feel fulfilled. You don't have much to think about in your marriage because your mind is always at rest, whereas unhappy marriage life makes you to be restless,  unsecured and unhappy.

For your marriage to be happy, there are essential ingredients required in order to achieve this. These ingredients will not cost you anything.

Below are keys to a happy marriage life

1. Effective communication

In your marriage, don't hide your feelings from each other, make it a point of duty to express your feelings to each other. It is not only when you are sad that you need to do this, tell your partner how much you love him or her, how you cherish him or her, what you need and any other issue bothering you. This will guide your partner towards responding appropriately to you.

2. Respect your partner

Respect is reciprocal, what you give is also what you should expect in return. Respect your partner no matter his or her age. When you respect your partner, your partner will love you more and this will make your relationship stronger , it will also prevent disagreement which can lead to conflicts, thereby making your marriage more peaceful and enjoyable.

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3. Resolve conflicts peacefully

If you have an issue with you partner, learn to control yourself, do not speak out of anger, calm yourself down, sit down and discuss the issue, and also settle the issue amicably. For you to have a happy marriage, learn to resolve your conflicts among yourselves and avoid bringing in a third party, if you form the habit of bringing in a third party, with time, you will discover that you people can't be able to handle simple conflicts without a third party.

4. Be faithful to your partner

Once you are married, in order to allow peace to reign in your marriage, you need to be faithful to your partner. Don't give your partner the impression to start suspecting you as this will ruin your marriage. Don't think about any other person romantically apart from your partner, even if you were involved in a romantic relationship before getting married to your partner, make a covenant with yourself that you will completely let go of such thought, stick to your partner and avoid being tempted to have a relationship outside.

5. Always be truthful

Avoid lying to your partner because if your partner discovers that you are a liar, this will completely eliminate the trust that your partner have on you. Don't make fake promises, let your yes be yes, and your no be no, once you do this, you will have a happy marriage.

6. Do not demean your partner

No matter your qualification, no matter your position, do not make your partner feel inferior, no matter your handsomeness or beauty, see your partner as your compliment, and wherever he or she have lapses, help him or her to become a better person.

7. Give your partner attention

Whenever your partner is talking, no matter no matter what you are doing, always map out time to listen to your partner. Avoid making your partner to feel like a fool. Always consider your partner's ideas, do not easily dismiss his or her opinions without consideration as this will make him or her feel not valued.

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8. Don't expose you partner's weaknesses to anybody

Avoid discussing your partner's weaknesses with anybody, even to your friends or family members, as this will make you partner to feel bad whenever hope or she discovers this.

9. Provide your partner' s needs

At every point in time, discover what your partner needs, and afford those that you can be able to afford. Don't feel less concerned as this may be silently bothering your partner, but he or she may not be able to let you know.

10. Rekindle the love in your marriage

No matter the number of years that you people are married, always try to keep the love that once existed between the both of you that made you people to get married alive. That place you normally take your partner to, when you have time, still take her to that place. Call your partner on phone to remind him or her of your undying love, no matter the age of your marriage, make your partner feel special and always wanted.

Try as much as possible to make love to lead in your marriage. Employ those tips, and your marriage will be a happy and exemplary one.

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