Things you should know before getting married

Congratulations as you have finally made up your mind to settle down with your partner. Getting married is something every matured single individual looks forward to. Your relationship has been going on smoothly to a point that both of you finally decided to settle down. That's not a bad idea!

But I must tell you this, note that dating/ courting is different from marriage. Once marriage comes to place, the game becomes more serious. There are things which will be better for you to know before saying " yes I do."

Things you should know before getting married

You are now not a single individual

When you are single, there are things which you will do, and nobody will complain. You have your own time, you don't have too much external control, but immediately you get married all these things will decrease or change. I hear many married people complain  about their spouses not allowing them to visit the places that they normally visit while they were single, this is common. You don't do things that pleases only you, but you have to also consider your partner.

You need to adapt

Yes, I'm saying this because, during the time that you and your partner were dating, it is not all your partner's character that you will observe. Some people may hide some of their characters which may surface after wedding. Don't think that it will be easy for you to completely change all your partner character which you do not like, some you can change while others you need to adapt to them.

Togetherness is the key

Just like the saying goes " united we stand, divided we fall", so it is applicable to your wedding, once you get married, you and your partner need to work together to achieve better result. Always carry your partner along in whatever you you are doing, seek his or her opinion and discuss issues because this will also make your union stronger.

You are not only marrying your partner, but also his or her family

Don't have the mindset that you are marrying only your partner. The day you say " I do " is the day you accepted both your partner and his or her family. How you take your own family should be also how you are going to take your partners' family.

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Marriage is a continuous process

Once you are married, know that it is a life time commitment. When you get tired with your marriage everything suffer. It is an institution that does not have a graduation date. You need to be consistent and work steadily to achieve a better result.

Conflicts may arise, but better handling is the key

Maybe during your courtship, you people did not quarrel or had any disagreement, but in marriage, conflicts may arise but what matters is how you people handle it so that it does not escalate.

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You need to be well grounded, know the things you are supposed to know before getting married as this will help you to know how to handle situations in your marriage.
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