Reasons why your partner finds it hard to talk to you

Your relationship was moving on fine, you people talk about a lot of things, reveal secrets to each other, seek opinion from each other, but all of a sudden, your partner becomes uninterested to talk to you. You will be bothered and keep on wondering why this sudden change.

When you notice such a situation in your relationship, know that your partner has observed something which makes him or her to find it hard talking to you. 

Here are some of the reasons why your partner is finding it hard to talk to you;

1. You don't pay attention

Yes, I know most people are victims of this. They like to be heard, they like someone to pay attention to them when they are talking, but when it is their turn to pay attention to their partner, they do otherwise. Your partner will be discouraged and uninterested in discussing with you if you are such a person.

2. You don't keep secrets

Are you the type that don't have a "reserve box"? Do feel that anything you were told, another person must hear it? Your partner may have confided in you and revealed a secret to you but get disappointed on hearing it from another person whom you also revealed it to. Your partner will never be comfortable talking to you if you exhibit this character.

3. You don't give useful suggestion or opinion

Sometimes, you may not know that your partner is taking note of your suggestions and opinions to issues, after analyzing your views and ideas when you people are talking, and he or she discovers that the are constantly useless, this may suggest that you don't have anything meaningful to contribute to issues. This will be a great turn off to your partner.

4. You see your partner talking to you as a disturbance

Do you always show a sign of being disturbed when your partner is talking to you? If you do, know that with time your partner will find it hard to talk to you as he or she may not like to disturb you.

5. You are always interested in a particular topic

Some people like a particular topic to the extent that they don't get bothered even if the same topic is being discussed for the whole year. When you are discussing other topics with them, know that you are wasting your time because the won't be interested and may not contribute or listen to you. If you are this type, your partner will get bored with time discussing the same topic with you.

6. You don't catch up with updates

When you don't " flow" with your partner when discussing latest updates, instead of talking about present, you are talking about past, this will not be encouraging your partner to be talking to you.

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7. You don't add humour when talking

Do you always look like someone who is on a " judgement seat" when discussing with your partner? Do you always look serious even when funny words are being uttered or funny issues are being discussed? In order to make your partner interested in talking to you, always show a sign of humour when talking to your partner.

8. You always like your partner to agree to your own side when arguing

When you always like to win an argument even when your own side of the argument lack basis. Know that you are sending a wrong signal to your partner, and with time, he will avoid discussing with you.


9. You like raising your voice when talking

Your partner maybe the type who does not like noise making especially when he or she is talking. Learn to tame your voice when you are talking to your partner.

10. You use it as an excuse to avoid doing other things

When it is time for you to do other things, you can postpone your talk. Avoid missing your tasks or duties because you are talking to your partner. Your partner may not be happy if he or she discovers this, and may find it hard to talk to you.

After going through these reasons, if you find yourself guilty of any of them, try to change and you will notice great improvement in your relationship with your partner, most especially when you are talking.

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