Know how to handle a cheating husband and make him faithful

After writing an article on " Does social media causes infidelity in marriages? ",  I received a mail from one of my readers. See her mail, " Hi, please hide my identity, how do I handle a cheating husband? "

After reading her mail, I realised that she is not the only one who will like to ask this type of question. A lot of married women are also battling with knowing the various ways to handle a cheating husband. So I decided to put down these for the benefit of anyone who needs an answer to such question.

Here are ways you can use to handle a cheating husband;

 1. Don't fight with the other woman, talk to your husband

First and foremost, I see some women who, when they think that they have discovered their husband's side chick, will go to the extent of fighting with them. Anyway, you may think that this can be a solution to the problem, but I want to let you know that it is absolutely wrong. Know that if you want to completely eliminate a tree, start from the roots, because if you cut only the branches, the tree may eventually regenerate. So what do I mean by this, you may have succeeded in discovering one of your husband's side chick, what about others? Are you willing to continue fighting all through your life? The one you are fighting with may just be one out of many. So my advice goes like this, know that the root is your husband start from there.

2. Inform him of the various deadly disease that he can contact

Let your husband know that there are  lots of diseases that he can contact from such relationship. These diseases include, Human immune virus (HIV), and other Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Let him also know that there is no protection that is 100% safe. Ask him if he will like your family to perish or phase out in history. If you are not through with childbirth, inform him that some forms of these diseases can result to delay or total stopping in having children.

3.  Let him know the financial implication on your family

Inform your husband how his action is affecting or is going to affect your family's income, because directly or indirectly  he may be financing the side chick, you need to remind him about your family's budget, and how you wished it should be realized.

4. Inform him on his  divided attention to your family

Tell him about your observation on him not giving you family enough attention. This is because a cheating husband always have a divided attention. Let him know that there was a time that he cared  more for his family, and how you and your kids are missing this attention. 

5. Tell him that it will lead to disagreement between the both of you

Let him know that he is sowing a seed of discord between the both of you, and which may yield a result that he may not like. 

6. Inform him on the need for him to be a role model 

Inform your husband that he ought to be a role mode to the kids,that if he continues cheating, your kids may eventually emulate his character, and this will not be a good mark of proper parental upbringing.

7. Preach the word of God to him

You can use the Bible to tackle the problem of a cheating husband. Tell him the various places in the Bible where warnings and emphasis were placed on such act. For example, the Book of Hebrew 13:4 Says "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge."

8. Tell him how society will look at him with disdain

Inform him that  people maybe taking note of what he is doing, and that this will not portray a good image of your family. Tell him how you wished your family to be respected, and how he wants to ruin such efforts.

9. Ask him if there is anything you are not doing right

Some men who are cheating on their wives at times are not outspoken, they may harbour some things which maybe their reason for cheating from their wives, so I may suggest that when he is at peace, you can try to ask him if there is anything you are not doing right, ask him the areas he is expecting improvement from you in order to make him stick to his family.

10. Tell him how he is emotionally tormenting you

Let him know how his cheating behavior is affecting you emotionally and also how it is reflecting in your daily activities, this may include carrying out your duties as a wife to him, mother to your kids, in your business area,working place etc.

11. Consult people that he listens to

If all your personal efforts are not yielding any good result, you can try to consult people whom you know that he may listen to, these include, family members, friends, marriage sponsor, church head and marriage counsellor.

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