Does social media causes infidelity?

Many people are attributing the increasing rate of infidelity in marriages to social media, as this is a very big platform that gives people the opportunity to interact with people from all "walks of life".

Well, there are two sides to this assertion. Let me start by saying that it can lead to infidelity to an extent, this is because social media users have many aims when they are making use of it,so it depends on your mission.

A lot of social media users are impostors, thus, this gives them room to display their various acts. Why am I saying this, a lot of married people on social media claims to be single,some claims to be divorced when they are still leaving  with their partners,others will go to an extent of claiming  that their partners are late,while they are still alive, all these in an attempt of catching their " preys ".

Some families are no longer enjoying their marriages as a result  of one " side chick" either the husband or wife met online, as a result, issues will start arising from here and there.

Let me categorically state that, "most people who engages in infidelity on social media always keep their device away from their partners, or they will protect it with a strong  password to be known by them only ,others delete such conversations immediately after chatting". Note ,I am not saying that anybody who makes use of her password in his or her device is hiding something.

Social media infidelity among users is sometimes the cause of breakups in homes,lack of trust, and also it can let to financial breakdown in a home because some social media users who engages in such acts, sometimes sponsors their " new catches ", most especially men, and sometimes women too.

Despite all these, social media can also reduce infidelity, that's why I said it is "two sided ",and depends on the user. There are sites which promotes fidelity in marriages which has led to the restoration of many broken homes. Such sites gives marriage advice's, guidance and counselling for marriages and you can also chat directly to a marriage counselor online. There are some sites where you can also download inspiring and marriage issues related videos, couples can watch this together, as this can also help  in unifying and making the relationship stronger thereby preventing infidelity.

So you can now know that social media can either promote or reduce infidelity in marriages. The choice is yours,what I know is that, whatever you are looking for in social media, you will definitely see it.

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