Be a good mother-in-law

After writing about how daughters- in - law should treat their mothers- in-law, I also see the need to inform our mothers- in-law the right way to
 treat their daughters- in-law.

Please great mothers-in-law, on your own side, there are things that are expected from you. Know that your son is now a man and no longer a boy, don't expect that he will always take your advice. Give him the chance to be a man and don't always think you will be the one to decide what will happen in his own house, know that your advice may either be accepted or rejected. Know that when you are disturbing your daughter-in-law, you are also disturbing your son.

Even if you are the one providing for them,don't think that you will always detect what they will do for them.

Allow your daughter-in-law to enjoy her marriage, bear in mind that you once had a mother-in-law too, who may not have maltreated you, even if she did,don't do the same.

             Tips to help you in treating your daughter-in-law

See your daughter-in-law as your own daughter

If you know they way that you will treat your own daughter, treat her the same way, but you don't always expect her to behave like your own daughter because she has a different background and her own views and ideas may not be the same as yours.

Don't harbour hatred for your daughter-in-law

If your daughter-in-law offends you in any way, try to let her know, so that she may apologize. If she does something that you don't like, correct her in a gentle and calm way. Even if she doesn't take your correction, never mind,you have done your own part, do not feel offended.

Unite them,instead of separating them

Don't bring confusion and trouble to your son's marriage.  Don't be a home divider. I don't think that you will gain anything from separating your son's family, rather when the report their issues to you,handle it very well and try to unite them.

Get her anything you can afford

 Once in a while, surprise her with gifts. Nothing is too small. Acknowledge her for taking good care of your son.

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