Say no to stress after work

After work, we come back home feeling tired and worn out. Sometimes, it may be difficult for us to remove our clothes. Some people have worked long hours and still have to travel long distances in order to to reach their destination, all these combined together makes our day hectic and tiring.

Nevertheless, there are some measures we need to take in order to reduce work stress to negatively affect us bearing in mind that tomorrow may be another working day. Here are some recommended measures: 

Make sure you don't carry left over  work home: Always make sure you conclude all work activities in your working area, so as to avoid taking them home. Taking your left over work home will greatly contribute to stress as their will be no difference between your home and your work place, instead you can devote extra time after work or go to work early in order to tackle this.

Remove your work clothes immediately you reach home: As soon as you reach home, make sure that you remove your work clothes to get fresh air and good feeling. If you continue putting on your work clothes you may not be able to differentiate between the feeling in your home and workplace.

Take your shower: As soon as you remove your clothes, take your preferred shower, this may either be cold or warm shower. Definitely, this will go a long way in putting you back to a good and stress free mood.

Take a little rest and find something to eat: After taking a little rest, look for something that will give you strength and eat, if you take alcohol, taking alcohol at this time will exhaust the little strength you have and make you appear weak the next morning, so if you are going to work the following day, look for something that will give you strength and make you fit for the next day.

Minimize your television or phone engagement especially if you are going to work the next day: Avoid spending much time on your television or phone as this will continue to add to your stress if not well monitored.

Find someone to talk to:If you have someone around, you can share the story of your day's activities. In this way, you can get relieved and also get encouragement from the person you are talking with.

Sleep very well: When it comes to stress management, sleeping is inevitable as it reduces stress and balance the memory to be fit for the next day.

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