Truth and lie

Sometimes in our life, we can wonder or ask if there is need for us to tell the truth. But honestly, telling the truth is what makes an individual unique. Despite what is happening in our society today, you can make a difference by always  saying the truth. It is what differentiates you from other people, and you will also be known for it.

No matter how profitable lying in some cases seem to be, "always stand by the truth and one day, you will get a reward from it. Some of the benefits of saying the truth to an individual cannot be over emphasized.


It frees your mind: If you are someone that always tells the truth, you will always have a relaxed mind. You will not be living in fear. But if you are liar, you will always be afraid of what may be the consequence of what you have said somewhere. You will be tension filled.

It will earn you good reputation: You might not know that when you are telling the truth, people are taking record of it, and you will always be rated high. No matter how corrupt any system seems to be, they will always look  for whom they can trust with  his words, and you may be called for such position. Even in a working  place, you will be highly recommended. People always like to associate more with truthful people, because they will be believe and take whatever the person say.

It naturally drives away bad people from you: People with dubious or questionable character will not like to associate with you, perpetrators of various crimes will stay away from you because they know that you can expose them. So sometimes, being truthful keeps one far from much trouble.

How many times should we say the truth? When it comes to saying the truth, there is no limited time. Say the truth always, at all times, anywhere, any place, you might not know when you will set someone free or get a reward for it. 

Honestly, any society that lacks truthful people, suffers a lot. Many are in jail today because of the truth which was hidden and covered with lies in order for them to suffer. Some people have lost their jobs, because someone  lied against them. I believe that every society needs a considerable number of truthful people in order to function well.

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