Learn to say thank you

A lot of people have stopped giving in our society today because of the attitude of the receivers. Appreciation goes a long way to encourage a giver and make further way for the receiver.

Learn to say "thank you" no matter how little what you received might be. It is not everyone that has the spirit to give out, so stop demoralizing the few who are ready to do so. 

Whether it is a gift, an offer, or even  a help, appreciate the person. Sometimes you may be tested with little things, your reaction over the little one you received will determine whether the giver will go further or not.

But l am not of the opinion that the giver should stop giving because of ingratitude on the part of the receiver, but I will humbly appeal that if you a giver, keep on doing your good work, look beyond appreciation, when it comes, you take it. When it does not, you also take knowing fully well that you are doing the right thing, and I believe that one day, you will be greatly  appreciated and blessed beyond measure.

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