Help someone
Do you know that there are number of ways that you can influence someone's life positively? That thing you have in excess, that thing you are wasting, may be what someone is desperately in need of. It may not necessarily be material things, but your words of encouragement, advice can go a long way in changing someone's life.

You may not be rich or wealthy before you can offer something to  someone, start with what you have. All of us are blessed in one way or the other. Discover that which you have and find someone who needs it, no matter how little you may think it is, you can save a soul.

  • Some people are lonely, looking for whom to talk to, reach out to such people.
  • Some people are depressed because of one problem or the other, offer your words of encouragement.
  • Some are bereaved, looking for whom to comfort them, it is not bad if you can console them.
  • Some people are hungry, looking for what to eat, if you have, give them.
  • Some don't have clothes to wear, you can help with the ones you have.
  • Some are homeless, if you are in a position to offer them shelter, do so.
  • If you are gifted with wisdom, don't hoard it, impact it to someone.

          What do we benefit?
Sometimes, we don't know the value of gratitude, it adds a lot to our life. God will bless you, you will be fulfilled, you will be happy with yourself. In your own time of need, you will also find someone that will help you, you are making a way for yourself which may not be visible to you at times. When you fight other people's battle, when you solve other people's problems, don't always feel bad especially if you don't receive the type of gratitude you expected, if no one appreciates you, Our father in Heaven knows it all, and will definitely reward you.

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