Be the change

Yes, truth be told, all of us is looking forward for a change, which I believe is a positive change. It could be a change in the negative attitudes we are seeing in our families, governance,in our working places or business area.

But to be frank, the change should start from nobody else but you. Let me start from the family, if you are husband and wife who always quarrel or fight with each other, what example do you want your kids to emulate from you? Yes, they will think that whatever Dad and Mum does is right, and at such, it will be difficult for you to convince them that what you are doing is bad. In this case, don't be surprised to see them being violent like you.

In our country today, we complain of bad leadership. Note: I don't in any way support bad leadership or leader. But I believe each of us has a level of leadership he or she is occupying, what have you done in that level you are? You cheat people, you divert funds made for public use, you collect bribes, you commit all forms of atrocities, and yet you complain of things not going right. Bear in mind that the change should start from you. As the saying goes " Charity begins at home ".

In your business area, if someone is not aware of the price of the thing he or she wants to buy, it becomes an avenue for you to get double of the selling price, without any consideration, you sell fake products as original products, only for the person to discover later, and yet you want to see a positive change, my question is from who? Think twice!!

In our working places, you are the boss, you don't promote by merit, you choose the people you like and leave others behind. What is their offence? You are a habitual late comer, instead of doing your job, you spend your working time on irrelevant things, at the end of the day, their will be low productivity and you will complain of increase in the price of goods and services, if you don't do your own part well, who will set things right?

In conclusion, all hands should be on deck for us to achieve a great level of positive change in our society. Live an exemplary life worthy of emulation!!!

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