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Starting up a business may not be that easy as it appears. It requires a lot of considerations and planning before being executed. The planning of the business if done properly, will determine the extent  the business will grow. Improper planning will give rise to a failed business. Sometimes, you see people who set up a business, but later close it up either as a result of shortage of capital or low turn out of customers. All these can be averted if proper planning and considerations are made before setting up a business. Here are some tips to guide you:

Consider the type of business you want to do: First, you should have an idea of the type of business you want to do. Is it  manufacturing, merchandising or service rendering? Check out everything concerning the business, this include the "do's" and "don'ts".

Start up capital: This determines the volume of your business. You need to  know the capital required and also consider the source of your capital. Do you wish to borrow from friends and relatives,  from your personal savings, or loan from a bank?

Location: Where do you intend to set up your business? Check out the accessibility of the area. Consider the population of the people living in the area. Consider the population of your target group.

Check out for competitors around: Check if there is any competitor around, in this case you need to know what will differentiate or make your business striking in order to convince buyers that you are the best.

How to acquire assets needed for the business: Assets needed for the business may include the business area (house or premises), furniture etc. Do you intend to buy or hire them? What is the cost for each choice?

Security: Carry out investigation to know how secured the place you choose to locate your business is, as this will guide you in knowing how to place important things there .

Consult people who are already into the business: Establish connections with people who are already into the business as this will help you to know so many things concerning the business and also in the long run, you will be notified about changes in the business. For instance, you will be duly informed on the increase and decrease in price if there is.

Number of employees: Do you want to hire someone or handle your business alone? If you want to hire people that will help you, consider their salary and know whether you will be able to pay it, also look for people you can trust.

Record keeping: You need an accurate form of record keeping before starting up a business as this will help you detect whether you are making profit or loss. Also consider how you wish to keep the money that will be realized. If it will be in the bank, consider opening a separate account and choose a bank that is close to avoid the risk of always travelling to a far distance to deposit your money.

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