How to smile

Sometimes we see ourselves smiling involuntarily without knowing it's benefits. Smiling can be as a result of things we see,hear or remember. Health experts have made us to understand that it is a very good habit which is highly beneficial to health.

The benefits derived from smiling is discussed below;

IT MAKES US LOOK ATTRACTIVE: If you enter in a place where there are many people and you feel like communicating with someone, which type of face will you prefer: a smiling or a frowned face? Of course,most of us will choose the smiling face because we already know that we are more likely to get a positive response from the smiling face than the frowned face. This shows how easily attractive a smiling face can be. It helps us socialize and make friends  easily.

SMILING LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE: If you are someone who is battling with high blood pressure, why not try this free therapy, "try to smile often" and check your blood pressure, you will see that there will  be positive change. 

SMILE IS AN ANTI AGING THERAPY: When we frown,it squeezes the muscles in our face and this makes us to look old,and frowning often makes us to easily get old. When we smile, it releases and relaxes the muscles in our face thereby making us look younger.

SMILE IS CONTAGIOUS: Do you know that you can elevate someone's mood through smiling? Let's take for instance, if you meet someone that is unhappy or battling with an unpleasant situation, your smile can awaken the person's mood and make the person smile as well. Smile is  "communicable".

IT RELIEVES US OF STRESS AND RELAXES OUR NERVES: After the day activities, you can be tired due to too much stress,but mere smiling can bring you back and put strength back in you. Smile relieves us of stress and make us stress free.

IT HELPS US STAY POSITIVE: Smiling increases positive thinking rather than negative thinking. When we smile,we focus our mind on positive things which helps in making us feel happy.

SMILE HELPS TO MAINTAIN A GOOD IMMUNE SYSTEM:When we smile we boost our immune system, through relaxing and not stressing our nerves. It gives our immune system less work thereby making it to function properly.

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