Our attitude

In a bid to exhibit the qualities we have, we tend to affect people around us either positively or negatively. The way we act or behave speaks and determines our relationship with others. Some attitudes which we display attracts us to people, while some drives away people from us.

Our attitude can be as a result of nurturing or acquired from our environment. Some of the attitudes we posses today were recorded in our mind during our tender age when we hear a lot of things but doesn't seem to justify them at that time. Our environment can still influence our attitude directly or indirectly.

Attitude should be monitored because it greatly affects our overall being including our performance, relationship and everyone around us. Every individual has one challenge or the other, but what matters is how you handle it so that it does not affect people around you, because sometimes people might not know what you are passing through at that moment, and in this case, the attitude you display will be misinterpreted. For instance, you might be hurt or have something that is bordering you emotionally and in this case tends to be aggressive or resentful, people around you will automatically conclude that your attitude at that moment is negative. It is left for you to know how to respond or control yourself in this case.

Ethically, attitude can be classified as being positive or negative.

Examples of positive attitudes include:

  • reliable
  • humble
  • accommodating
  • responsible
  • selfless
  • truthful
  • sensitive to other people's feelings
  • generous
  • sincere
  • perseverance
  • trustworthy
  • forgiving
Positive attitude help us to relate well with people around us and in achieving better results.

Examples of negative attitudes include:

  • unreliable
  • deceitful
  • unaccommodating
  • unforgiving
  • hostile
  • untrustworthy
  • rebellious
  • jealous
  • abusive
  • disrespectful
  • inconsistent
  • betrayer 
Negative attitudes affects our relationship with others and at such, people don't always like to associate with negative people. It also affects our overall performance.

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