Love not just a word

The word "love" is sometimes misunderstood by many as just a mere word that can be uttered anyhow without having full connection with it.

But the truth is that if we know the real meaning of love, we cannot hurt someone whom we "claim" to love. Someone can actually profess love to somebody 100 times in a day, without actually connecting with it.

Love is unique,and does not end by just mere word. It is an act which have a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. We should love not by mere words or tongue but rather, in deed and in truth.

Love has it's attributes which must be fully understood before we start professing it. Love is more of action, and some of it's attributes are listed below:

Love is patient:If you truly love somebody, and the person offends you,you shouldn't be fast to retaliate. Allow the anger to melt down. In other words,love is slow to anger. It drives away impatience and draws endurance closer.

Love does not keep record of wrong done:An important step towards true love is forgiveness. If you love someone, be ready to let go of hurts easily. Filing up wrong done will result to retaliation one day. Have an open mind towards anybody whom you truly love.

Love always protects:A typical example of this happens in the family, if you truly love your family, you will be ready and willing to protect them any day, 'come rain,come shine'. This is also applicable in our dealings with others whom we truly love. Don't betray someone whom you love.

Love is kind:When you love someone, you must find a way to demonstrate it. It could either be by helping  out in time of want,or by rendering help when the person least expected.

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