Every human being has a judge that lives within him,and thus, this is known as the conscience. It guides our thoughts and actions. It is innate in man. It gives us the sense to discern between right and wrong. One of the problems we have today is that sometimes, we seems to negate our
conscience and do what we like.

Conscience plays a great role in every individual especially in moral decision making, which can be summarized thus:

  • It always reminds us to do good and avoid evil. 

  • It makes a judgement about the good and evil we have done in a given situation.

  • It bears witness to the good and evil we have done.

Despite all these, a lot of factors affects the right formation of our conscience. These include; Our environment, Culture, religion and knowledge. Each of these has significant role to play in conscience, and if not well guided could mislead us.

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