Signs he wants you in his future -  One of the things that makes you to fall in love over and over again in your relationship with your man is realizing he wants a future with you. Although he may not be able to tell you this, but his attitude towards you will speak volume. Will you marry me is one question that every lady that is of marriageable age expects to hear from their man someday. If you are a lady that is of marriageable age, you need to be careful of whom you go into a relationship with, so that you might not end up being hurt or wasting so many years in a relationship that is heading to no where. Some men right from the day that you start your relationship are fully aware of the reasons why they want to be in a relationship with you, so when their mindset is different from your own, this may lead to a heartbreak in future. It is necessary to know whether he will marry you someday.

It is not difficult for you to know where he places you in his life. I over heard a conversation where a guy was telling his friend that he is with his girlfriend just because he wants a woman to be talking to, that when it is time for marriage, he would move forward. Are you that woman in such a relationship? You can obviously tell that he doesn't want you in his future just by mere observation of his attitudes to you in your relationship that is why we have written this article to guide you when you want to discover this.

Signs he wants you in his future

1. He asks you questions concerning marriage

He may indirectly be planning how your marriage with him will be like without you knowing it. When he asks you questions like, Which type of wedding do you prefer, what is your ring size, how many kids will you like to have in future and so many other issues relating to marriage, know that he wants you as his future wife. Shying away from questions relating to marriage is a bad sign he may not be interested to take your relationship to the next level.

2. He doesn't hide his secrets from you

If he truly wants you in his future, he will not hide any of his plans or secrets from you. He will be open to you about his concerns and the things that he wants to achieve in future. When he sees you as an indispensable part of him, he will reveal to you things that he can't reveal to any other person. Don't take his keeping quite over some of his personal issues as his own way of life, men feel comfortable discussing their plans and intentions with the woman whom their heart truly welcomes. They can't wait to let you know how "big" they see their future so as to make you to be hopeful and confident in them.

3. He includes you in his future plans

Listen carefully when he tells you about his plans for the future, does he include you? Even if he doesn't want to tell you this in a clear terms, there are at times when he will mistakenly mention your name in his plans. This means that he is not seeing you as just a friend, but someone he will like to build a future with. His future plans may include; the places that he will like to travel to, the cities that he will like to relocate to, the type of cars and businesses that he will like to own, how many children that he will like to have and so many other things.

4. He will like to hear your opinions and suggestions

When he is interested in hearing your opinions and suggestions in issues, know that he sees you as being more than a friend. He values your being around him and believes that you have something to offer in his plans for the future. Such a man will not like to let go of you most especially when you offers him useful suggestions. You also need to observe whether he adopts some of these your suggestions and opinions when carrying out or implementing such plans.

5. He helps you to grow

He will like to help you become a better you in different areas of your life. He motivates you when you want to give up on things that will help you grow. He will encourage you to go higher in your academics or other areas of your life. He bothers so much about your well being, making you happy by helping you in achieving your goals will become among his top priority.

6. He does not keep malice with you but try to resolve issues between you amicably

If he truly loves you and wants you a future with you, he will not keep malice with you as this may pose a risk of his losing you in his life. Try to observe if you are the one that settles issues in your relationship when it occurs because if he wants you in his future, he will not only try to resolve issues between you amicably, but also tries to do it as fast as he could. 

7. He will care about your appearance

Your outward appearance will really matter to him. He will like you to dress in a way that will be appealing to him and not necessarily dressing indecently. He will not hesitate in letting you know the way that he wants you to be.

8. He will always like to be with you

If he really wants to marry you or wants you in his future, he will not get tired of having you around him. He will feel like being with you at all times and will not be happy when you leaves his sight. In short, he will always enjoy your company. Such a man will do anything possible to have you in his life forever.

9. He will introduce you to his close friends and family members

He will not waste time in introducing you to his close friends and family members. Even when his family is holding or attending a party that involves his family members, he will like you to be there. He will also like you to meet and introduce you to his close friends.

10. He will also be interested to know your friends and family members.

He will also be happy to meet your own family members, know each and every one of them. He will also be interested to hear stories about your family too.

I believe now you know the signs the wants you in his future.

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