Happy birthday boss lady wishes and messages

Happy Birthday Boss Lady - It is not easy to have a boss who gives you peace of mind, when you find such a Boss Lady, don't fail to appreciate her. There are many reasons why you need to show your gratitude and appreciation to your female Boss most especially when she is celebrating her birthday as this is the right avenue for you to use and tell her how exactly you feel about her. Sending your birthday wishes and messages to your boss  lady will help in making her realize how much you appreciate what she is doing and also may pave the way for other good opportunities for you.

What to write in a birthday wish for Boss Lady? Tell her how lucky you are to be a part of her organization. Let her know how much you admire the effort she is putting towards making sure that things are in order, make her realize that if an award should be given for female bosses, then, undisputably, she will be crowned "world best boss lady". Lastly, make your birthday wish and pray for good things to continue to her. In a situation that you want to make her laugh, we have also written funny birthday wishes for Boss Lady.

Happy Birthday Boss Lady - Wishes and Messages

1. Today is a special day because it marks the day a unique and special being was born. I greatly admire you because you are full of wisdom and understanding. Boss Lady, my birthday wish for you is that your wisdom and understanding will continue to increase with ages. Have the best of birthday celebration.

2. Happy birthday to a woman of eloquence and beauty, your good light radiates all over you. I am so happy to have such a great personality like you as my boss. May the addition of a new year bring to you unspeakable joy and happiness. Have a fun filled birthday celebration.

 3. Happy birthday to an outstanding woman who has impacted positively into the life of so many people. I feel very happy being a part of your organization. As you add another year today, you will continue to glow and grow. Enjoy your new age Ma.

4. Ever since I witnessed your first birthday celebration, the date glued to my memory just because you are someone whom I will always hold in a high esteem. Your addition of another will bring to you more open doors and the actualization of your heart desires. Happy birthday Boss Lady.

5. Happy birthday to a female Boss who has great ideas that can transform the world into a better place. I have learnt a lot from you all these years I have been your staff. Thanks so much for being a great source of inspiration to me. Enjoy your birthday celebration.

6. Today should be declared a public holiday because it marks the day that a special creature makes a royal entry into planet earth. You are a rare gem and one of your kind. I have more than a million reasons to celebrate you today. Happy Birthday My Boss Lady, My Friend.

7. Your ever-smiling and cheerful face made me to conclude that you are the world's best boss lady. You also have a heart of gold that makes all that comes across your way never to stop loving and admiring you. Thanksfor trying your best to make people around you happy. Happy Birthday to a Boss Woman with class.

8. The good Lord shall continue to bless and reward you abundantly for your goodness and kindness to humanity. Keep the flag flying high. Enjoy your day because you deserve the best.

9. Happy birthday to an examplary leader. I greatly admire all that you have achieved because you really proved to me that "hardwork pays". As you add another year today, may you keep on being that special person that all will like to emulate. Age with abundant grace.

10. Happy birthday to an embodiment of beauty and class. I so much love your fashion sense. As you add another year today, may you continue to shine as bright as the morning star. Happy birthday to my Boss and fashionista.

11. Happy birthday to a Boss lady whose mouth is filled with words of love and encouragement. I have worked in several organisations, but I realized that working with you is fun and it also gives me great peace of mind. Your days shall always be filled with great joy and happiness. Have the best of birthday celebration.

12. Your character is worthy of emulation. You are a leader who leads by example. I am so happy to let you know that you have inculcated in me great leadership qualities that will lead me anywhere that I may see myself. Happy birthday to a great moral inculcator.

13. You are not only my boss, you are also my mentor. I am so glad to have come across a charming personality like you who have taught me what it really means to be incharge. May your remaining days on earth be richly blessed. Age gracefully my Boss Lady.

Birthday Prayer for Boss Lady

14. As you add another year today, my prayer for you is that your organisation shall continue to grow from strength to strength. You shall continue to get more awards and contracts. Happy birthday to a wealth builder and great innnovative Boss lady.

15. My wish for you today is that you shall continue to age in strong and good health so that you will continue to carry out all your administrative roles effectively. The good Lord will continue to see you through in all your dealings. Your new age is already blessed Ma.

16. You shall continue to be highly reckoned wherever you go, your light shall never be dimmed nor quenched by anything. The more older you get, the more prosperous you shall be in all your ways. Happy birthday boss lady.

17. I have searched my mind to see the birthday gift that will be suitable for you, but I discovered that you need a birthday gift that will be everlasting, therefore, my birthday wish and gift for you is that happiness and love shall never depart from you, you shall be prosperous in all your ways, you will always have a course to smile. Enjoy your birthday celebration.

18. Thanks for taking your workers like your family members. Thanks for going extra miles to put smiles on the faces of your workers. Thanks for making your organisation a home to be. The good Lord will never forsake you, He shall greatly reward you in all that you do. Enjoy your birthday celebration Boss Lady.

19. No harm shall ever befall you. All your ways shall be free from all forms of dangers. The good Lord will continue to be your shield and armour. Have a great birthday celebration.

20. I am wishing you the actualization of your heart desires. The knowledge that you need to take this company to a greater height shall never be found wanting in you. You will continue to attain greater heights. Have  a joyous birthday celebration.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Boss Lady

21. One of the things that fascinates me more realizing that your birthday is today is that I can't wait to see your dance steps at your birthday party today. Happy birthday to an amiable boss lady.

22. You are indeed, aging backwards. Your beauty continues to increase with ages. I so much admire your glowing skin and elegant look. Happy birthday to you.

23. Today should be declared a work free day so as to give us the opportunity to celebrate you to the fullest. Happy Birthday Ma.

24. I am ready to break all working rules and regulations today because I knowow that you will care less. Age abundantly Ma.

25. Happy birthday to our energetic boss, as you celebrate your birthday today, my wish is that you will be happy to the extent that you will pronounce a sudden salary increase for your workers.

26. Boss Lady, I want to use this opportunity to let you know that I love seeing your gap tooth that is why I always love to see you laugh. I also love to see your set of sparkling white teeth. I know I will see more of it today. Happy Birthday Ma.

27. It seems as if that as the year goes by, everything about you is renewed. I can't believe  that you are already "50" as you told us. Continue to age graciously Ma.

28. I am fully aware that you have added another year to your age but I am uncertain if it will change the loving way that you do treat us. Happy birthday Boss Lady.

29. Boss Lady, I am so so surprise because you are aging with no grey hair and your captivating is still intact. I will like to be like you in my old age. Happy birthday Ma.

30. I will be your DJ today so as to give you the best track that will make you to enjoy your birthday, I will make sure that you will be happy to the extent that you will declare a one week public holiday for your workers. Enjoy your day, Boss Lady.

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