Birthday Letter for Sister from the Heart that Make Her Cry

Happy Birthday Letter for Sister
- Do you have that amazing sister that is celebrating her birthday? Then, send these birthday letter for sister from the heart that makes her cry to her. Your sister deserves the best of birthday wishes because she is that person who is always there for you even when no one else is. Some sisters are so great that they play both the roles of a sister and friend in our lives. Whether you are his brother or sister, do not forget to let your sister know how happy you feel having her as your sibling, thank her for being always there for you and also do not forget to pray for good things to continue to happen to her knowing fully well that when your sister is happy, you will also be happy. Her birthday celebration is a great avenue for you to pour out your mind exactly how you feel about her. Whether she is your big/elder sister or your younger sister, they all deserves to be appreciated.

Birthday letters for sister from the heart that makes her cry

1. Happy birthday to the best sister in the whole world

My Lovely Sister, 

I want to let you know that God created you specially to be my sister. You have shown me what it really means to be a true sister, therefore, I have more than a million reasons to celebrate you today. You have been so good to me and all around you. You are that sister whom I can't tread with silver or gold. Thanks so much for always putting a smile on my face. As you celebrate your birthday today, all your heart desires I pray to come to fulfillment. You shall continue to soar higher with the addition of a new age. Cheers to your new age.

2. You are all that I could ever ask for in a sister

Beloved Sister,

Yes, you are my sister, but I also want to let you know that you have won a special place in my heart with all that you do. Your words of advice and encouragement have really helped in achieving a lot in this life. Growing up with you is among the things that I am always grateful for. Your kindhearted and generous nature made me to conclude that a sister like you is rare to comeby. The addition of another year to your age shall bring to you bounteous blessings and open doors. Have a fun-filled birthday.

3. Keep on being good to me even as you add another year today

Sweet Sister,

There are sisters, but there is a sister. A sister is that person who knows your weak points, but don't hate you because of them and also she will never relent in helping you to become a better person. A sister is that person who is always ready to forgive you even in your worst. A sister is that person who is always ready to provide a shoulder for you to lean on. Since you do all those things and more for me, you are a sister that I will always hold in a high esteem. All your secret prayers shall be answered as you add another year today.

Birthday Letter for Sister from the Heart that Make Her Cry

4. You deserve the best gift for your birthday

Beautiful Sister,

A special person like you deserve the best gift for her birthday. A gift that will never perish, a gift that will never rust, a gift that will not expire, a gift that will not be blown away even by the mightiest wind and also a gift that will last forever. You deserve to be happy at all times, you deserve to achieve all your heart desires in good and strong health. Therefore, take these words of mine as my birthday gift to you "May your days be filled with everlasting joy and happiness, may you be prosperous in all that you do and may sicknesses and illnessses always be far from you. Enjoy your day my dear sister.

5. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face

My Irreplaceable Sister,

Don't be suprise when I tell you that being around you makes me feel strong and healthy. You posses a positive energy which radiates all over you. Even when I try to be angry around you, you always know how to bring up the right jokes so that I will laugh until I crack my ribs. Even at times, when I m not feeling okay, being around you makes me to get on my feet again. On this day of your birthday celebration, I want to assure you that nothing shall break our sisterhood bond, the love that I have for you will keep on waxing stronger with ages. You will continue to glow with the addition of a new age. Happy birthday to you.

6. Happy Birthday to a great disciplinarian

My Incomparable Sister,

I am so pleased to let you know that having you as a sister helped in moulding me into who I am today. I appreciate the way that you made me understand how to speak and act, when to react to situations around me and how also to react to them. I can remember when my hot temperament was trying to become an issue and a hindrance towards my achieving my desired goals, how you stepped in and helped me to conquer this. You made my interacting with people so easy for me. Sister, you are a great moral inculcator and a disciplinarian and I am highly convinced that you will achieve a milestone with your outstanding qualities. My birthday wish for you today is that may you continue to be whom you are. Have the best of birthday celebration.     

Birthday Letter for Sister from the Heart that Make Her Cry

7. Happy Birthday to a wonderful Chef

My Sister, My Chef,

I feel so proud to let you know that after our Mom's food, another person's food that I always crave to eat is yours. Your humble nature made you to learn how to cook just like Mom. I'm highly impressed with the way that you arranges our cooking utensils. I have learnt a lot of cooking skills from you that I will always practice wherever I see myself. May your addition of a new age never stop you from cooking delicious food for us. Age with massive grace my Lovely Sister.

8. You are a special gift from God to me

My Wonderful Sister,

I am always grateful to God for blessing me with a wondeful sister like you. You have been a great source of joy and happiness for me. Your hardworking nature and the rewards that you have gotten from it so far really taught me that it pays to be hardworking. You may not know, but I greatly admire your high level of dedication and commitment towards achieving a task. You are indeed, a special creature of your kind. As you mark the addition of another year today, may you keep the flag flying high and I strongly believe that God will continue to crown all your efforts with huge success.

9. My Sister, My Friend

My One in a Million Sister,

I don't only have a sister where you are, but also a special friend.. You filled my heart with exciting memories . All the vacations that I spent with you were filled with everlasting memories. Being around you always fills my heart with so much joy that I can't imagine that's why I always feel sad anytime that you want to travel. You have been a wonderful companion who always makes sure that I don't do anything that will hurt me. I'm glad to have you as my sister and I am also glad that you are a part of my life. Have the best of birthday celebration.

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