Sharing is caring quotes

 Sharing is Caring Quotes:
The world will be a better place if we learn how to share what we have with others. When we share what we have with others, it goes a long way to show how much we care. Caring for someone by offering that person a helping hand is an act of kindness and a great way of showing love. Even in the Bible, Ephesians 4:32 "Everyone should also look for the other interest, not only his own interest."  There is something that you definitely have which another person may be in need of, look out for those that need such things and give it to them. Sharing is caring means that when we share what we have, it communicate that we cares and it a great way of expressing or showing love and concern to one another. The person that shares also gets rewards and blessings.

 Sharing is Caring Quotes

 1. Sharing is a language, it communicates love, peace and care. It goes a long way in building an everlasting relationship. 

2. When we share with those that are in need, we have suceeded in putting smile on a face. It gives a great satisfaction knowing that someone is happy because of your kind gesture. Sharing is caring.

3. Don't give out just because you want to be appreciated, give just because you cares.

4. The moment we realize how to share what we have with others, the moment we start building a foundation of love, kindness, peace and friendliness not only to those that we are giving to, but also to ourselves.

5. Sharing is caring, it pains to know that what we have in abundant is what may be the reason why another person may be having sleepless nights.

6. Sharing spreads love, it makes the world a better place. We need to show that that we love others by sharing what we have with them.

7. Selfishness gives rise to restlessness, you experience a great peace of mind and happiness when you put smile in the face of others.

8. Don't wait till you have more than enough before you start sharing, the little you have can create a great impact in someone's life.

9. Sharing is caring, Sharing is a gesture which is not easily forgotten but lives in the mind of the receiver from ages to ages.

10. At times, sharing with others does not mean that they don't have, but it acts like a quick reminder to let them know that we still remembers and cares for them.

11. Sharing reawakens a weak mind, it keeps a heart going knowing that someone really have you in  mind.

12. We don't give because we have too much, we only give because we cares.

13. You may have it all, but you may not know it all, when you offers a helping hand to someone, the reward is enormous, you may know what you don't know through that person and at the same time you have touched a life positively which also have it's own reward.

14. There is a positive reward in giving that is why givers never lack.

15. Sharing promotes peace and understanding, it is a better way to let those around us to know that we cares for them and also know that we feel what they are feeling.

16. Everyone has something to share with others, if you think that you don't have, then share your goodness and happiness with others.

17. There is no other way to prove to your friend or others that you care when you have what they need but won't share with them.

18. God has commanded us to love our neigbours, help those in need, share what we have with others and also care for those that needs our care.

19. Sharing puts smile on the face of the receiver, brings more blessing to the giver and makes the world a better place.

20. Someone needs your help to get motivated and keep going.

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