Random Text to Make Her Smile

Sweet words of love works like magic towards winning the heart of your girlfriend or wife and that is why we have written these random text to make her smile specially for you to use and impress her. Seeing your girfriend or wife happy should be your utmost priority. I have seen a lot of women who are with their boyfriends or husbands complaining of them not being able to make them happy or smile as often as they want. This is a very bad habit and if you practice such, refrain from it so as not to lose her.

It won't cost you anything to make her happy, send her cute text to make her smile as often as you can to win her heart forever. If you don't like a long love text message, you can send her a text message as long as you use the right words. Never take the love which she has for you for granted.

Sweet Random texts to make her smile;

1. I want to make you smile to a point that you can't stop smiling. I want to make you laugh to a point that you can't stop laughing. I want to always be with you and reside permanently in your heart, dominate the whole of you to a point that you can't stop thinking about me.

2. You are my Sweet Berry. You are sweeter than honey. Just a glance at your face sends cold shivers to my nerves. I want to confidently let you know that I have chosen you as the love of my life because in you I have found true love.

3. At times I ask myself if there is any fault that I can find in you, you are perfect and amazing. When I try to annoy you, you give me the opposite of my expectation. You are such a sweet Angel that any man can wish to have close to his heart.

4. My sweetest Baby, I want to let you know that there is a vacum in me that you have filled completely. How I wish that you can enter my heart to understand how exactly I feel about you. I am irresistibly in love with you and I can't lie about that.

5. I know very well that you like chocolate, but today, I promise to give you something that you will love more than chocolate. I promise to give you love, happiness and above all, I will give you a great peace of mind.

6. You make my world go round. You changed my fantasies to reality. You took me to the place that I always love to be. I am glad that I am swimming in the ocean of love that you made available for me.

7. I don't have too much explanations to make  because I strongly believe that you already know what I feel about you. Just take theses words from me, "I love you and I will never let you down.

8. I am so happy that you not only took me to the paradise of love but also you made me reside in the paradise of love. I am promising you that I will make sure that we would stay there forever.

9. You are the greatest asset that I have. You are my treasure  and I value you more than silver and gold. I will make sure that I go extra miles just to make sure that I make you feel the best way that you want to feel.

10. The joy of having you in my life keeps me happy and strong. Without your love, I will be weak and feeble. You are the woman of my dream and I will never let you go out of my life.
Random Text to Make Her Smile

11. You are my woman of substance. My most cherished and ever smiling Princess. You are the dream of every man and I am glad that I met you on time.

12. My heart belongs only to you. I have entrusted everything into your care believing that it is safe. Just like I promise to handle your own like an egg so that I won't break it, please handle mine gently too.

13. You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Your beauty radiates all over you both in and out. You are the Queen of my kingdom and no one can ever take your place in my life.

14. If you are a flower in the midst of Lily, Hibiscus and Rose flower, you are my Rose flower because your beauty never fades but stays fresh from year to year.

15. Girls like to be taken on special dates, I will not only take you to dates but also take you to a permanent journey, dates are temporary. Let me also remind you that I am already planning our honeymoon.
16. Don't mind the crazy things that I say sometimes, they just give me the oppourtunity to see your ever sparkiling teeth and I love seeing them always.

17. I love the way that you make me feel, I love the way that you make me laugh, I love the way you make me smile and I love having you around me always.
Text to Make Her Smile

18. Are you ready to take me to hospital? Then, tell me that you are no longer interested in me. Please I don't want you to try it.

19. I am your security dog, I am here to make sure that no other man comes around you because I am ready to bite them mercilessly.

20. When is your birthday? Please let me know because I am composing a special song that will surely sweep you off your feet that day.

21. Our journey of love is just like a story that has begining but will have no end. Our love have come to stay and together we would be forever.

22. I will write your name in a platter of gold and keep it in a place that it will be visible from generation to generation. I am ready to tell the whole world what you have done in my life. I love you so much my Angel.

23. You are my heartbeat, take you away from me, I will be lifeless. Infact, you are the daily dose of oxygen that I take. Please know that you are the reason that I am living and never let go of me.

24. The more I stay with you, the more I desire to be with you, this is just to prove to you that I will never get tired of loving you. My love for you will never fade but will continue to grow and glow as the day goes by.

25. You are not only a great gift to me, but also a great gift to the entire humanity. Your generosity and kindness towards everybody that comes across your way is among the things that I greatly admire about you.

26. I love you so much because you taught me how to be focused. Your words of love and encouragement I highly value. Thanks so much my love for bringing me into a world of reality.

27. You are my rainbow and sunshine. You are the light that brightens my way and I am so happy for the love that I found in you which I am stay forever.
Random Text to Make Her Smile

28. When I close my eyes, I see you coming to me. When I think about the future, I see both of us together that is to let you know that we were meant for each other.

29. Just believe me when I tell you that my love for you is unquantifiable. It is limitless and I strongly believe that it will last till infinity.

30. Do you know why we don't actually quarrel nor argue so much with each other? It is because we are the missing half of each other that is why we perfectly fitted in without stress.

31. Your love drives me crazy, it sweeps me off my feet. It made me a better man and I want to let you know that I feel at peace knowing that you are mine.

32. Nobody can stop me from loving you. Nobody can make me feel the way that you do. I love you so much and I have taken it as a duty to keep on loving you.

33. My Bae, I will take you first before any other person, I will always put your happiness and comfort first in all that I do. I will always make sure that I don't hurt nor break your heart.

34. I can say that your love is magical because it has possesed the whole of me. I am addicted to your love and I am so proud of it because you have taken me to a place that my heart will stay safe and sound forever.

35. You are that girl that I have made promise to myself to love till my heart stops beating. I promise to take you round the world . I will make you feel in such a way that no one else can make you feel.

36. I can't wait any longer to be with you forever. I have a burning desire in me to always have you by my side and I will make sure that it becomes a reality because I love you so much.

37. You are unique, you are special, you are one in a million. You are the reason for my ceaseless happiness and I am very sure that you also have a great love for me.

38. Do you still remember the place that we first met? I will never forget that place because it made me to meet my Princess.

39. Any time that you tell me that you are travelling, I feel like going with you because I always cry like a baby when you are not around.

40. You are my world, you are my source of strength, you are my morning star. You are the sun that shines and brigthens ny way.  

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