Spending time with you quotes and messages

Spending time with you quotes and messages - It gives so much joy being around someone whom your heart truly welcomes. Time spent with such person is very difficult to erase from our memories. When you have found such a person who gives you so much joy when you are with him or her, never relent in appreciating, let that person know what his or being around you means to you. It could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, every time spent with you quotes and messages is all you need to send across to him or her.

 Spending Time with You Quotes

 1. Spending time with you is one of the best moments of my life. I can't get tired staying with you, you are the love of my life and I can't do without you.

2. You are just like the air that I breathe in, your love gives me life and strength. Having you around me makes me forget all my pains and worries. I can't get tired of you that is why I will always be with you.

3. No time spent with you is so long, leaving your presence makes me feel sad. If I am to make a wish, it is just to be with you every passing minute of the day.

4. You are just like the best flower in my garden that I love to see every morning, you are that flower that I will always water so that it does not wither, you are that special person in my life whom I would always like to see and would never like to hurt.

5. We share so many things in common that is why I always like to spend my time with you, I can't live without you because you are an integral part of me.

6. Your presence really awakens my hear from slumber, it gives me a great feeling that I wish to be having for the rest of my life. Your love soothes my pain and I will love to spend every minute of my life with you.

7. I will always be by your side, I will always stand for you, I am ready to spend eternity with you. I love spending time together with you.

8. You may not know what you mean to me, how I wish you can enter my heart and know the special place that you are occupying there. You are special to my life and you are special to my world and I can't get tired of being with you.

10. You elevated my love life, you rewakened the flame of love that was initially quenched in me, I love seeing you around me, I love talking to you and I enjoy every moment that we spend together.

11. I want to have you by my side forever, I want you to be permanently glued to my life. I have been used to staying with you that I cannot stay without you again.

12. A day without you by my side looks as if

 that it has been ages since we met last, no matter how long I spend with you. Your absence means a lot to me, I am ready to spend the rest of my days with you.

13. You provides a great atmosphere that I enjoy each time that I am with you, this is the best atmosphere that I have ever had since I was born. I am ready to dwell permanently with you in this atmosphere. I love you so much my Angel.

14. I can't take my mind off where you are, the quality times that we spend together always lives in my memory. I am so happy being with you because you have filled my life with so much love that I can ever imagine.

15. Seeing your face calms my nerves, talking to you makes me feel on top of the world, staying with you takes me to the paradise of love.

16. When I think that I have seen all the goodness in you, you always suprises me with another version of your outstanding goodness that leaves me speechless that is why I always desire to be with you.

17. I was born to love you, I was born to be with you, I am glad I met you, I cannot live without you that is why I love spending my good times with you.

Spending time with you Messages

18. Do you know what it means for someone to tell you that I can't get enough of you? It means that you are the sweetest thing in that person's life. I can't get tired of loving you.

19. I have been looking for the right opportunity to let you know that I m ready to have you by my side forever. I always want to have you around me and I will do all that it will take to make sure that it becomes a reality.

20. Give me your heart, give me your whole love, do not be afraid, I will take proper care of it. I need you just you in my life to keep living.

21. You are an indispensable part of me, your love gives me a great feeling that I can't resist that is why I always like to be where you are.

22. Your love boosts my ego, it makes me feel like a king/queen. It gives me a great peace of mind, you have filled my life with so much love that I can imagine that is why I want to be with you always.

23. If it jealousy, then, I am ready to be known for it because of you, I don't feel happy seeing with another person, you are mine and I want to be the only one that you will be spending your time with.

24. My life is now beautiful just because of you, you made me to feel in a way that no one else has done. I don't only want to spend my time with you, but I want to share my life with you.

25.  You are the everlasting love that I known. Every time that I spend with you seems to be sweeter than the other time. I love everything about you.

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