Prayer points for grace, mercy and favour

Prayer points for mercy, grace and favour - The Lord is the giver of all things, He is ready to supply us with our needs at all times. Ask for his divine mercy and favour upon your life and believe that he has already granted you your requests. From ages to ages, He has been known as a merciful God who never fails nor disappoints, therefore, you should call upon him to come and grant you his favour and make you prosperous in all your ways. Galatians 6:9 "At the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

His grace and mercy is just all you need to conquer in all that you do. Commit your ways in to his able hands and he will come and take absolute control of all your needs. There is nothing impossible for him to do, He gives his mercy and favour free of charge to all those that are in need of it. Only ask, and He will give it to you.

Prayer Points for Mercy, Grace and Favour

 1. Father Lord, have mercy upon me, cheer my way with your perpetual love, may your favour locate me in all my ways, grant me your light everytime of the day because all power belongs to you.

2. Dear Lord, come into my life and calm all my fears, grant me your brighteness when there is darkness, crown all my days with your goodness and favour.

3. My God, my faith and hope is in you, may your power that gives rise to increase locate me, be near me in all that I do and bless all my efforts with success.

4. Almighty God, free me from all the ills of this world, your words are eternal and your mercies are eternal, bless me with your countless gifts of love, keep me in your grace and guide me in all my ways.

5. My God, My Lord, grant me your bounteous harvest, may my mouth be filled always with a song of praise and adoration unto you, may I be blessed bountifully forever.

6. Lord, I strongly believe that you are full of compassion and kindness, grant me your mercy that will surpass all my troubles, make my heart to be glad again and free me from all my burdens.

7. Dear God, you are the Lord that never fails all those that trust in you, your love is vast and extends from generation to generation, come into my life and show me the works of your mercy, may I be favoured in all my paths.

8. Heaveny Father, fill me with your light of the day, may I forever rejoice in you, grant me your joy that is divine and teach me how to be patient and wait for your blessings and favour.

9. O God, may your love and strength be my stay, watch over me at every hour of the day and may your unending mercy never depart from my life.

10. My maker, you are my hope now and forevermore, defend me in all my ways, may your care always be around me, may you be my friend and my shield and grant me victory at last.

11. O God, be my shelter in the storm and in the rain, guide my feet so that I will tread in the paths of success and cast away every form of gloom in my way.

12. My Redeemer, watch over all my race, show your love to me at all times, guide me by your spirit that is so pure and may I be prosperous in all that I do.

13. My Lord, you are the Lord that said that we should seek and we would find, I have come to your throne of mercy, hear and answer my prayer and do not let me go back empty handed.

14. Almighty God, you have always shown me your love right from the day that I was born till now, grant me your perfect gift of favour, guide me so that I will always walk with you.

15. Oh God, I am calling upon you for your love and mercy. when nature and man fails, and all hope is lost, please do not abandon the works of your hand.

16. The Sovereign God of heaven, I am wandering like a lost sheep, my destination seems to be far and unreachable for me, bring me back to your sight again and make my destination near and reachable for me.

17. The God of goodness and love, grant me my heart desires, grant me your joy that knows no sorrow and may you always locate me in my time of need.

18. Father Lord, renew your love in me just the way that you renew the strength of the eagle, come and hold me with your gentle hands and always draw me nearer so that I will not go astray.

19. O Lord, I strongly believe that there is healing in your blood and there is mercy in your nature, be near me O Lord, heal my broken heart and shine your light in all my ways so that I shall emerge as a winner in all that I do.

20. Show your mercy and kindness to me, may I be a partaker of your everlasting love. May I also be a partaker of your plentiful redemption so that all my ways on earth shall be blessed.

21. You are the Lord that gives all, grant me your treasures without end, shower me with your love and may I always live to be grateful to you all the days of my life.

22. My God, may your blessing without measure locate me, save me from all my fears and tribulations, let there be a ceaseless outpouring of praise from my mouth to you.

23. May your full hands, supply my needs, may you continue to feed me all the days of my life. Grant me all my heart desires to be joyful and make me to reap bountifully from my labour.

24. May your favour unfolds in my life, no matter how difficult my situation seems to be, grant me a song of victory and testimony at last.

25. In the troubled night O Lord, grant me a promised night and bright morning, may my pain and weeping be transformed to a song of praise and thanksgiving, and may your joy everlasting dwell permanently in me.

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