Happy Birthday Quotes for Grandma

  Happy Birthday Quotes for Grandma - Grandma's likes to be celebrated on their special days, whether you are her granddaughter or grandson, don't forget to send her birthday wishes on her birthday as this makes them feel happy and highly valued. There is a great need for you to do this because your grandmother is a part of your success story. She was the one that gave birth to your father or mother who in turn gave birth to you, therefore, without her, there will be no you. Appreciate her for being caring and kind because some Grandma goes extra miles to make sure that their grandchildren are happy. Prayer for her protection, long life and sound health. Also don't forget to give her a special birthday gift on this day.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Grandma

1. My Sweet Grandma, it pleases me greatly to celebrate you on this special day, I can't forget all that you have done for me. You are very kindhearted and generous, always ready to help me in any way that you can. You shall continue to live long to celebrate more happy and fruitful years ahead. Happy Birthday Grandma.

2. I don't only call you Grandma, but I also call you the mother of many generations. God has really blessed you with good and sound health to live with and to be able to see your grandchildren and great grandchildren. My prayer for you today is that you will continue to age with strong and sound health. Happy birthday to a wonderful Grandmother.

3. When Mum told me your real age, I was suprised because you still look energetic, strong and smart. You are indeed, aging backwards. As you mark the addition of another year today, you will continue to glow and shine. Have a wonderful birthday celebration Grandma.

4. Grandma, Do you know why I always like to be around you? It is just because of your infectious and captivating smile. I have never seen you angry or feel annoyed before but you always wear a cheerful and jovial look. I am so blessed to have you as my Grandma. May you continue to always have a cause to smile and may nothing steal your joy. Have a blessed birthday celebration.

5. You really touched my life in a positive way, your words of encouragement and motivation always lives in my memory. Thanks so much for being a part of my success story'. I will always celebrate you now and always. Age gracefully Ma.

6. I remember when I always disturb you in your room to hear more of your funny and entertaining stories, which usually makes me to laugh until I crack my ribs. I will never forget all these stories that you do tell me, I love you so much for always putting a smile on my face. Happy Birthday Grandma.

7. You are someone whom I can always refer to as being highly productive. Your age never deterred you towards achieving greater things. When I look at you, I feel highly motivated and inspired to do more. May you continue to be an exemplary woman to all your grandchlidren. Age with good and abundant health.

8. When I look at Mum/Dad, I feel highly convinced that you did a great job in raising them up. He/she always tell me that you never relented in taking care of them. I want to let you know that you are not only Mummy/Daddy's mentor, but also my mentor. Thanks so much for not being a good mother to your children but also a good grandmother to your grandchildren. Happy Birthday to you.

9. I always like being around you most especially to eat your sweet and delicious meals. They food that you normally prepares for us when you come around do make to not only over eat, but also crave for more. No wonder my Mum meals are also as delicious as yours. Thank you for being a wonderful cook and thanks also for making my Mum a good cook. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

10. Grandma, you are among the God fearing woman that I know. You don't joke with the things of God and you also made sure that you brought up your children in a Godly way. I am benefiting from this too as Mum/Dad is also raising us up the same way. You will blessed all the days of your life. Enjoy your day, a great woman of God.

11. Happy birthday to an understanding and easily forgiving woman. I can never forget that day that I mistakenly broke the biggest plate in your kitchen, I was so scared thinking that you will beat the hell out of my life, but to my greatest suprise, all you wanted to know was if I was injured. God will always bless and reward you abundantly for being such a great woman. Enjoy your day Grandma.

12. Grandma, I owe you a lot. I can't forget how you always bring me chocolate and candies when you are coming around knowing fully well that I love them a lot. You are the sweetest Grandma in the whole world. Have a nice birthday celebration.

13. This is just the begining of celebration in your life, you will live long to celebrate more happy and joyous years. Have a fun filled birthday my Sweet Grandma.

14. You have a special gene, that is why at this age, you neither have a gray hair nor walk with a walking stick. I know that I will also inherit this special gene too. You are my ageless beauty. Have the best of birthday celebration.

15. Silver and gold, I may not be able to offer you now, but my wish for you is that you will live long to reap the fruit of your labour.

16. Happy birthday to my Mummy's gist mate and gossip mate. To be frank with you, I do enjoy your discussion with Mum a lot that at times, I will just be hiding at the door and listening to your conversations with her. I love every bit of it. Happy Birthday to you.

17. Your age didn't affect your level of wisdom and understanding. You are such an intelligent woman and a great problem solver. I always feel amazed at the level of intelligence that you display when handling issues. I am so proud of you my lovely Grandma.

18. My fashionable woman is +1 today. Your smart and neat dressing code always impresses me. At your age, you still wear beautiful and matching outfits. Happy birthday to my Grandma with swag.

19. Grandma, just take this assurance from me, your children and grandchildren will always make sure that you don't lack all the good things that you deserve to be happy in this life. You are a special gift from God to us. Happy birthday to a great Grandma with a heart of gold.

20. Can I ever forget you in this life? The answer is no. You are such such an amazing and charming personality, highly accomodating. You took good care of all that comes across your way. You are indeed, a living saint of our time. Just the way that you takes care of others, the good Lord will also take good care of you.

21. Happy birthday to a great and patient teacher. Even when I want to deviate or run away from your instructions, you never lost your temper but will rather calmly convince and give me reasons why I needed to obey them. I feel proud that you really inculcated in me good morals virtues in me. Enjoy your day a kind and patient teacher.

22. It is of no doubt that you will entertain us with your great dance steps at your birthday party today. You few dance steps that I saw really amazed me that I will like to see more of it. Have a fun filled birthday celebration.

23. The good Lord will always guide and protect you wherever you are. Blessed shall you be in the morning, evening and night. Blessed shall you be all the days of your life. Have the best of birthday celebration.

24. I love you so much that is why I want to let you know that you are an unforgettable in my world. I love all the names that you call me and I love everything about you. 

25. On this day of your birthday celebration, I want to let you know that your great leadership potentials is among the things that I really admired about you. No wonder you are always chosen as a leader wherever you are, You are indeed a special and unique woman. Enjoy your day.

26. My world would have been incomplete without an outstanding woman like you. I was so addicted to you that I always wants to go and see you. I really loved the way that you took care of me. Thanks so much for being my one in a million Grandma.

27. Anyone that knows you and see me always say that I share a striking resemblance with you. Happy Birthday to my look alike Grandma.

28. Happy Birthday to great achiever. One who has written her name in the record that can't be erased. You have achieved a lot and I am so proud to be your grandaughter/grandson.

29. Dear Grandma, I have a lot of wishes for you today, let me summarise it by wishing you long life, peace and prosperity.

30. The good Lord will continue to be your shield and armour. He will continue to protect you in all your ways. Happy Birthday Grandma.

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