I Love You So Much Quotes For Him or Her

I love you so much quotes is an specially written for you to use and celebrate the love of your life each and every passing day. Love is a beautiful thing and it feels great to be in love with the right person, win the heart of your lover with these love messages and see him or her loving you till eternity. What you need is the right words and it won't cost you anything to do that. Just send these I love you so much messages across to him or her either as an SMS, Cards, through phone calls or profess these love words to him or her face to face. It could be your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, I am assuring you that you will find the suitable love words for all of them here.

I Love you so much Quotes for Him or Her

1. I promise to not only love you, but to dwell with you permanently in my paradise where I will show you the greatest love that you desire. I will always sing the hymns of love to you  and never in my life will I break your heart. I love you to the moon.

2. Just take these words from me, "Loving you is now a part of me that I can't do without", I don't want to just utter some words but I will make sure that I make you happy all the days of my life till the point that you will come to realize that our love is a permanent affair. 

3. When I remember you, all I feel is the breeze of love around me which was made available by you. It blows gently on my skin, cools my nerves and gives me an everlasting happiness. I wish to be taking this breeze everyday of my life that's why I can't stop loving you.

4. Have you realized that there is something unique about the love that we have for each other? For me, I have realized that what was meant to tear us apart ends up in bringing the both of us more closer to each other. I love you so much my Angel.

5. No matter the number of times that I call you in a day, pleases take it as a disturbance  because hearing your sweet and charming voice is among the things that gives me the strength to carry out my daily tasks. I can't go a day without you.

6. I strongly believe that you came into existence because of me. Meeting you did not happen by accident but was destined  to be. Your accepting me in your life was the fulfillment of it all. I will continue to appreciate and love you forever.

7. You are among the things that I know that I can't get tired of having, I can change all my belongings on earth but I am glad to let you know that I can't change you. You are my permanent property and I will always make sure that I maintain and take proper care of you.

8. If you want to see me phase out of this earth, just let go me, It will be the worst thing that can ever happen to me. Please don't play with the love that I have for you because I will love you till eternity.

9. If there is another word stronger and deeper than love, I would have used it to express what I am feeling for you. Just know that you are my heart and the blood that is flowing through my arteries and veins. I love you so much.

10. You are my steering that takes me to the right direction, without you in my life, I will be moving without direction. I'm so glad that you entered in my life and showed me the right way and I will always make sure that I love you right.

11. When I close my eyes, all I see is the both of us playing in the garden of love. A garden where love and happiness is the order of the day. I will make sure that I provide such a garden for us to stay in just to appreciate you for accepting me in your life.

12. If I am cold and remember you, I start feeling warm because the type of energy that your loves gives me generates a great heat for me. I am proud of the love that I have found where you are. I love you.

13. I have been obsessed with your love to the extent that I have discovered that I can't stop thinking about you. The level of love that I have for you can turn around the hands of the clock. I love you so much my heartbeat.

14. I will never deviate from the expectations that you have for me, all the days of my life, I will always make sure that I will do the things that will always gladden your heart. Loving you right will always be my watchword.

15. In the midst of the fishes in the ocean, there is one that always stand out unique, one that is not just a multitude, but that which every fishermen will always anticipate to catch, that's what you are and I am the lucky fisherman that caught you.

I Love You So Much Quotes  For Him or Her

16. If I write your name on a paper, the book will one day tear and therefore I will not be able to find it again, If i write your name on a wood, it may catch fire and therefore I will not be able to find it again. That's why I will write your name in my heart where it will stay forever. I love you till eternity.

17. Your love is magical, so strong than the mighty wind, so deep than the deepest part of the ocean and as long as I am concerned, your love is the sweetest thing that I know and I can't lie about it.

18. What would have been of my life without you? You may not know what your love have done in my life, I just want to let you know that the love that I have found in you will always keep me growing. I can't imagine life without you.

19. Just like an earthquake, your love really shake my life in a positive way and I am so happy that it took me to my permanent destination of love. You are my end point when it comes to love and I will keep on loving you forever.

20. The worst thing that can happen to someone is not being in love with the right person, that is why I will always thank God for making it possible for me to meet someone whom my heart truly welcomes. I love you in such a way that no one else could.

21. Our journey of love would be a story that has beginning but definitely would have no end. Nothing can tear us apart no matter how strong the wind blows.

22. I will continue loving as long as I live, I will continue taking care of you with all that I have. I will make sure that I put your feelings first in all that I do.

23. Good people deserve good things. For being such a wonderful person to me, I will make sure that I provide you with all that your heart desire, taking care of your needs will be one of the roles that I can't fail to carry out.

24. You have proved to me that true love still exists. You not only proved it, but you also went ahead to express it for me. Don't think that I am joking when I tell you that I am madly in love with you.

25. I will never regret having you in my life because you have never given me a reason to regret my choice. I love you with all my heart.

26. You are such a special creature that is beautiful both in and out. You are the dream of every man/woman. Thanks so much for making my dream about love come true.

27. The highest point in my life was the day that you accepted me to be a part of your life. I will always live to not only love you but also to celebrate you all the days of my life. I'm in love with you.

28. Could I ever make you sad for a moment? I don't think that I can try that. I can't risk losing you in my life. I love you with all that is in me.

29. You are the love that I have seen and felt. You are a real definition of love to me. For me, you are what any man/woman who desire to experience true love should have.

I Love You So Much Quotes For Him or Her

30. I am now a jealous lover but I am proud that it is because of you, I can't share you with anyone else and I can't also share my love for you with any other person.

31. Your love makes me to soar high with an eagle's wing. It helps me to fly high above all mountains. It is the secret why I have been able to achieve all that I have not been able to achieve when you were not present in my life.

32. I always ask God to bless and grant you all your heart desires. Let him always keep you far away from any harm that may want to befall you. You deserve to be always happy.

33. If I continue to write about all that I feel for you, then I will definitely exhaust my ink and my pages, but still will not be able to finish what is in my heart. I just want to let you know that my heart is always where you are.

34. Don't doubt it when I tell you that you are just an extension of me, you are the missing part of me and I am glad that I found you and above all that we are a perfect match for each other.

35. If I am meant to make a wish, then my wish will be to always have you by my side forever, dominate the whole of you and love you to the point that you can't stop dreaming about me.

36. Your love makes me to walk with my heads up high knowing that I am perfectly loved. You may not understand the level you have placed my spirit with your magical love. I love you with all my heart.

37. I want to make a promise to you, a promise which I will never fail to accomplish. I will never stop loving you no matter the situation.

38. You are my perfect size, we fit in each areas of our life that is why our journey of love have been so smooth. I love you my darling.

39. When you remember that you have someone like me in your life, always feel happy because I will make sure that you will never regret entrusting your heart to me.

40. My love for you will keep getting strong as the day goes by. Where you are is where my heart will always be. I love you so much.

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