Heartfelt and touching letters to my daughter

It is the joy of every parent to watch his/her daughter grow in to an adult. Heartfelt  and touching letters to my daughter is specially written for you to use and encourage your daughter so that she will be able to stay strong always. You always need to remind your daughter how much you love and cherish her. As a Dad/Mum, your daughter needs your constant words of blessing, care and support. Whether she is with you or far away from you, always remind her how special she is and how lucky you are having her as your daughter. These your words of encouragement and advice to her will always make her not to easily succumb to some bad things she may be exposed to out there. You can send it across to her through phone calls, as a written paper letters or even send it to her as a message on her birthday.

Heartfelt and Touching Letter to my Daughter;

You are blessed.

My Dearest Daughter,

My prayer is with you now and always. You will attain greater heights, higher and higher, you will continue to grow. Every obstacle on your way, you shall conquer. Where others go and fail, if you go there, you will surely succeed. No matter how heavy the wind blows, it will not blow you off from the right path. Mark my words, you shall be celebrated and favoured in all that you do. You are destined to be great, by the special grace of God, you shall be great. Nothing shall steal your joy and happiness, forever you will be a happy girl. Your name shall never fade from generation to generation because you are going to achieve a lot. The only thing that I expect from you is for you to be strong, don't relent and keep on soaring higher and higher like an unstoppable eagle.

You completes my joy.

My Sweet Daughter,

You may not know what you mean to me and my life, but lrt me let you know that you are the reason for my happiness and joy. Waking up each day realizing that I have a wonderful daughter like you gives me a great peace of mind, it calms my nerves and sets me at a high pace. What more can I ask for in a daughter that you don't posses? I thank God each and every passing day for blessing me with a great daughter like you. For bringing such a great joy to my life, I will always try my best to be the best Dad/Mom that you can ever imagine. I will always be there for you in thick and in thin. I will never stop cherishing and loving you unconditionally. Thanks so much for bringing such an inestimable joy to my life.

Heartfelt and touching letters to my daughter

God will surely protect and guide you.

Dearest Daughter,

Our heavenly father will always protect and guide you. He will be your shield and armour wherever you go. No evil weapon formed against you will prosper. The arrows of the enemies and evil ones will not get near you. God will see you through in your going out and coming in. You shall not labour in vain, but live to reap the fruit of your labour. All your days will be filled with happiness and sorrow shall be far from you. The Lord Almighty will always stretch forth his mighty hands to deliver you whenever you are in danger. All plans and evil intentions to thwart your efforts towards achieving greater things will be destroyed by our father in heaven. Don't ever be afraid because God is with you now and always. Most importantly, don't forget to pray and commit your daily dealings into the mighty hands of God.

I am happy to watch you grow.

My beloved daughter,

I feel so happy watching you grow into a strong, bold and beautiful woman. When I remember the past years when I carried you as a baby, I feel glad realizing that you conquered all the challenges that you had during your infant years and grew rapidly into the woman that you are becoming today. I am assuring you that I will always be by your side and also assist you in achieving your life ambitions. You are going higher and nothing will stop you from shining. You will grow into a woman that her name will be recorded in the good book. You are going to be a sign post to all women who would like to achieve greater things. You will be highly favoured my lovely daughter.

Make me proud, be a good girl.

Dear Daughter,

I, your Mom/Dad really want to remind you that you should not deviate from the good moral ethics that I taught you. Do not allow anyone to influence you with his or her bad character, but instead, influence the person with your own good character. Always have it in mind that good character brings about greater dividends and rewards while bad character brings about shame, disgrace and regrets and may even lead someone to untimely death. I always feel proud when your teachers and others tells me that you are a good girl and I want you to keep the flag flying. Be unshakable and unchangeable when standing on the ground of what is right, don't yield to pressure, always be the good girl that you are.

I love you so much my daughter.

My Sweet Daughter,

I have always wanted to tell you this, but  I think the best time for me to express how I feel about you is now. I love you so much my daughter because you brought so much love to my life, you made me see love and also feel loved just the way you take care of me as your Mum/Dad. You are my special and lovely daughter that I can't trade with silver or gold. I will continue and never stop loving you just the way that you loved me. I pray that you will be greatly loved and also rewarded by your own children. I love you so much my sweet daughter.

Heartfelt and touching letters to my daughter

You are so beautiful just like your character.

My Beautiful Daughter,

If no one have ever told you this, then, let me be the first person to let you know that you are truly beautiful. Your beauty radiates all over you both in and out. You are unique, therefore do not let anyone let you down or make you feel inferior. Be that smart and charming girl that you are always. With your beauty and intelligence, I'm sure that you will go places and achiever great things. Every locked door shall be opened for your sake. Be strong and remain beautiful for Mom/Dad.

Be wise, courageous and don't relent.

My Beautiful Daughter,

I want you to always be strong and never give up in pursuing your dreams. Always stand firm and don't let anyone or anything to pull you down. Learn from your mistakes and never repeat your mistakes again. Don't ever let the trials and challenges of this life weigh you down, but rather make them a stepping stone to achieve greater things. Avoid distraction from any source most especially when you want to achieve something. I want you to always borrow a leaf from your Mum/Dad, I was able to achieve all that I achieved today because I was highly focused. All I wish for you is to be succesful and prosperous in whatever you do.

I have forgiven you.

My Lovely daughter,

No matter what you have done to me, no matter the situation, I will still love you. Though you really annoyed me the other time which made me to lose my temper, but have it in mind that I have completely forgiven you and that you are still my beloved daughter at any day and time. Every parent wants their child to suceed and be able to represent them well in future that's why I gets highly upset each time I see you misbehaving, always try and make me happy by behaving well. I highly value you because I can't replace you with any other person no matter the situation. Do not be afraid nor scared to relay your worries and concerns to me at anytime because I have totally forgiven you and it is coming from the bottom of my heart. 

I missed you.

Dearly Beloved Daughter,

Ever since you left home, I have been feeling uneasy with myself. I really missed your absence. When I wake up early in the morning, I go straight to your room to catch a glimpse of your ever smiling face that restores my joy, gives me strength to start a new day. But this time around, all I see is an empty room. Your absence have created a vacum in me that no one else can fill. You are the daughter that gives me the vibe to do more. Know that I your Dad/Mom really missed you, I can't wait any longer to have you by my side, I can't wait any longer to hear you call me Mum/Dad with that captivating smile and look from your eyes. Be strong wherever you are and know that I really missed you and can't wait any longer to see you again.

Your words should always be around your daughter, therefore, form it as a habit to always communicate your words to her. That's why we have written these great touching letters to my daughter to help you close any communication gap and lack of the right words to use when communicating with your daughter.

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