Cute Friendship Text Messages for Good Friends

You may not know the value of your friend until you loses him/her. True and real friends are very hard to get, if you are then lucky to get one, hold him/her tight and do everything that you can, not to let go. Therefore make use of these cute friendship text messages for good friends to appreciate that your friend that means a lot to you. Never take the love that your friend have for you for granted. Rejuvenate the love in your relationship using these love messages. In whatever way you want to communicate it across to him/her, make it to be heart touching and heart warming. Don't do it once or twice, but rather form it as a habit.

It could be your boyfriend, girlfriend or even couples, it will never be a bad idea sending these lovely and special messages for them. I think everyone will feel good when he/she is appreciated. Spice up their days, you can send it to them in the morning, evening and during their birthdays or other special days. 

Lovely friendship text messages

1. There are friends, but there is a friend. A friend is someone who will always be happy to see you grow, help you grow and also help you to stand up when you fall. I am happy I have a friend where you are because you do all these for me.

2. Our friendship is just like the air that I breathe, I can't live without it, just like the fishes in the ocean that needs water to survive, so do I need your love to stay strong. I appreciate your love for me each and every passing day.

3. The day that I met you is among the days that I will never forget in a hurry in my life. You are that type of friend that is so rare to come by. I am lucky having a wonderful person like you in my life as a fiend. I love you so much.

4. Do you knows one of the reasons that made me realize that you are my real friend? It is just because you read my mood just by looking at my face, you understands every bit of me and that's why I hold you in high esteem.

5. We are not only friends, but we are the best of friends, with the way that we love and appreciate each other, I am highly convinced that our friendship is a forever thing.

6. Never doubt the love that I have for you for a second because what I have for you is true love, my feelings for you is true and I will never take your love for me for granted.

7. Your words of encouragement and advice to me is second to none, whom else would have given me such if not you? I truly appreciate and I will continue to love and appreciate you.

8. Silver and gold I may not be able to offer to you, but I want you to know that you have a special place in my heart where no one else can take.

9. You have shown and proved to me that you will be my friend in thin and in thick, thanks for standing by my side at all times. I love you so much my dear friend.

10. When I laugh, know that you are the reason, when I smile, you are also the reason. Please, never leave me because it will be a great blow to my life.

Cute Friendship Text Messages for Good Friends

Cute friendship text messages 

11. When I realize that I have afriend like you, I feel stronger and happier each and every passing day. You gave me the real definition of true friendship and I am so glad that I met you.

12. Thanks so much for accepting me in your life, for you to have taken me as your best friend, I am giving you the assurance that nothing can tear us apart.

13. You are so real, you are so unique. You are my one in a million friend. I will always appreciate you for whom you are and what you mean to me.

14. You don't need a microscope to look into my heart inorder to know whether I love you or not, you can see the love that I have for you written all over me. Thanks for being my good friend.

15. Good friends always have each other in their hearts, they don't like to see each other cry, they always provide a shoulder for each other to lean on, since you do all these for me, you are therefore my good friend.

16. I bless the day that I found you, I will always celebrate this day because it is a day that I met my best friend.

17. Do you know why I always like being around you? It is just because your presence gives me a great peace of mind. Thanks for your care and above all, your love for me.

18. I feel proud telling people that you are my best friend, they feel jealous because they know that you are a wonderful person.

19. Our friendship have come to stay, no one can come in between us because we truly understands each other. Thanks so much for loving me despite my being crazy at times.

20. With the way that our friendship is moving, I am well convinced that one day we will be celebrated as the oldest friends in the whole world.

Cute Friendship Text Messages for Good Friends

Special messages for friends

21. Thank God that we met each other, we are not only a great match but also a perfect match for each other.

22. You are not only a friend to me, you are also my brother/sister from another mother.

23. I am ready and willing to offer a helping hand to you at anyday and at anytime because you are that friend that I can't stand to see suffer.

24. I will write your name in a plate of gold so that my generations to come will know that I have a wonderful and unforgetable friend like you.

25. Wherever you go, in whatsoever you do, please don't forget that someone is happy and proud to be your friend.

26. What makes us special friends is our ability to forgive each other before night falls.

27. You and I were specially created for each other. In short, you are God sent to my world.

28. Our friendship is sweeter than honey and shines as bright as the morning star.

29. When I want to send a message to you, I don't think much of what to write because you have already filled my thoughts and the right words are all over me.

30. I like your smile because it gives me hope, I like your laughter because it restores my joy. I like everything about you.

Heart touching frienship messages

31. When you sleep in the night, don't be afraid because I always pray and ask God to send his angels to watch over you because I will not like anything to hurt you.

32. I value our friendship more than silver and gold and I will never like to lose you. I will try my best to make sure that our frienship lasts forever.

33. If our friendship is a journey, I am ready to embark on it and go extra miles without getting tired. I am so glad to have you as a friend and I will never get tired of our friendship.

34. I am well convinced that you are really a true friend, you have taught me so many things and also helped me become a better person. I highly value and I also hope you understand what you mean to my life.

35. Please be open to me whenever I offend you so that I will apologize because I cannot afford to lose you.

36. In my list of the most important people who have impacted positively in my life, you are among the top people. You are an indispensable part of me and I can't lie about it.

37. Every person deserves a special friend like you, I am so lucky for having a friend like you.

38. You are so special, you are a rare gem. If there is a true friend contest, you will surely emerge as the winner because you posses all the criteria required to win it.

39. At times I wonder how you dive into my heart to colonize it. I appreciate you for understanding and taking me just the way that I am.

40. I love you my friend and I pray that God will grant you all your heart desire for completing my joy.

Cute Friendship Text Messages for Good Friends

Funny friendship messages

41. Though we quarrel a lot, but I am happy about it because the more we quarrel, the more we learn more about each other.

42. I am tired of this friendship, sometimes I say to myself, "If this is a marriage, I would have given you a divorce certificate".

43. What even got us attracted to each other? You are the most stubborn person that I know, but I still like it like that.

44. It's not bad for us to go our separate ways to see if we can do without each other, but don't be suprised seeing me at your house the next second.

45. Mathematically, you are equals to none, theoretically, you are incomparable, practically, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

46. When we started getting along with each other, I was wondering how I can be friend with such a big/small person like you, but I later realized that the bigger/smaller, the better.

47. My mind tells me that I love you more than you love me, but I am still convinced that you have a great love for me.

48. Why is it that you no longer cares to know how I am doing? Have our friendship expired?

49. I always hold your hands tight when we are together because I don't want anyone to come in between us.

50. The day that I will leave you is the day that I will see an orange tree bearing a coconut fruit.

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