Allen Onyema Biography

Meet Barrister Allen Onyema

Barrister Allen Onyema is among the personalities in Nigeria whose name can never be easily forgotten in history. He is a solicitor, a philanthropist, a humanitarian and above all, the Chief Executive Director (CEO) Air Peace Airline which brought Nigerians living in South Africa back home during the xenophobic attack in 2019.


Allen Ifechukwu Onyema hails from Mbosi town in Ihiala Local Government of Anambra State in Eastern Nigeria. He was born in the year 1964 in Edo State, Nigeria. He is the first of nine children. His early childhood was spent in Benin and Warri. His mum, Mrs. Helen Onyema died at the age of 44. His Father's name is Michael Onyema.


Allen Onyema had his primary education and Secondary School mainly in Warri and Benin, State. Some of the Secondary school which he attended were; Urhobo High School, Effurun, St. Anthony Secondary School, Asia, Government College, Ughelli and Nigerian Premier. Upon completion of his secondary education, Allen Onyema proceeded to the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he studied law, and later went to Nigerian Law School in 1988 and was subsequently called to bar in 1989.


In 1991,Allen Onyema got married to his heart rob, Mrs. Ojochide Alice Onyema,  who hails from Kogi State in Nigeria,at the early age of 27, and the marriage is blessed  with four children, a girl and three boys, Nnnena, Chinonso, Obinna and Ugochukwu.

Allen Onyema Biography
Allen Onyema and his wife


As a lawyer

Though Allen Onyema had the opportunity to enter into the oil sector, he chooses to relocate from Warri to Lagos in search of greener pasteur and his desire to be a free man because if he remain in Warri, he felt that he will still be under his parental care, made him to travel to Lagos. While in Lagos, he got a job with a law firm on Marthins Street, Lagos island in the chamber of Late chief Vincent Amobi Nwizugbo. His outstanding performance in that chamber he was made the head, later he realized the need for him to develop his own firm and businesses, that was why he left the firm, and started his own firm and businesses.

As a businessman

Allen Onyema is a real estate developer as well as the CEO of Air Peace Airline, which offers passenger and charter services to some major cities in Nigeria and West Africa. He business establishments has brought about massive job creations for the people, which according to him was the reason he created those businesses. One striking thing about Allen Onyema Air peace Airline was that he named all of them with the names of his family members because of the great love which he has for them. For example, his executive jet is written Michael which is his Dad's name. Domier 328 is written Helen, which is his late mum's name. The other Domier 328 is written Ojochide which is his wife's name. The first four B737 has the names of his kids  - Nnenna, Chinonso, Obinna and Ugochukwu respectively.

Why is Allen Onyema famous?

Allen Onyema became famous after he played a laudable and philanthropic role to the admiration of all in September 2019. During the xenophobic attack of non indigenes in South Africa of which Nigerians have a great percentage of people living over there, many Nigerians were stranded and have no means of coming back home.

Allen Onyema Biography
Barrister Allen Onyema welcoming South African returnees

Barrister Allen Onyema, singlehandedly sent his Air peace Airline that went two times to South Africa and conveyed those Nigerians who are stranded and willing to come back home. This cost him hundreds of millions of naira, about 280 million naira, but Barrister Allen Onyema was not bothered as he sees it as a way of helping the people and especially to earn great respect for Nigeria in diaspora. This kind gesture of his earned him great reputation both in Nigeria and in diaspora. The joy of those that he brought home, which can not be quantified, will always speak for him.

Net worth

Allen Onyema worth billions of dollars.

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