Rita Daniels Biography

Meet Rita Daniels

Rita Daniels is that gorgeous, beautiful, talented  and above all she is the mother of the beautiful and popular teen actress, Regina Daniels. Rita Daniels  is a mother, actress, philanthropist, producer, and also currently the Vice president, Actors guild of Nigeria, South South.

Biography: Family

Rita Daniels Chukwuji popularly known as Rita Daniels hails from Ogwashiuku town in Delta State, South South of Nigeria.  Though her exact year birth is not known, she usually celebrates her birthday every 12th of January. Rita Daniels is a mother who is blessed with five children who are;

  • Regina Daniels
  • Samuel Daniels
  • Ifeoma Daniels
  • Destiny Daniels
  • Emmanuel Daniels
  • Lawrence Daniels

Destiny and Ifeoma Daniels are Regina Daniels sisters while the rest are her brothers. Two of Rita Daniels children are in Nollywood , the other is a musician while the rest are in school.
Rita Daniels is the type who does not like to disclose much about her family in public.

Rita Daniels Biography


Rita Daniels started her acting career when she was in the Anglican church, before she later joined Nollywood and continued waxing stronger. Today, Rita Daniels has acted in several movies to the extent of being a producer.

Some of her movies are;

  • Jericho; Season 1
  • Jericho; Season 2
  • The Butchers; Season 1
  • The Butchers; Season 2

Rita Daniels Biography

As an actress

Rita Daniels is the Leader, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) in Delta State, a position she is doing well in. In her words " Actors Guild of Nigeria will be big if we stop attacking one another through lawsuits and police harassment every minute and washing of our dirty linen in public, we will go far", she said.

As a politician

She is a legislator, the pioneer and instructor, Aniocha Local Government Area in Delta state of Nigeria.
On the 12th of January 2019, Rita Daniels was appointed as the Zonal women leader, South South by the under the office of the special adviser of Youth and support group to H. E Atiku Abubakar, GCON which aims to mobilise Youth and Women to deliver His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the next president of Nigeria.

Rita Daniels Biography

Hence, her career profile can be summarized as follows;

  • Nollywood actress and producer
  • Administrator and Leader, Actors Guild of Nigeria, Delta State section.
  • Legislator, pioneer and instructor, Aniocha Local Government Area, Zonal women leader, South South.
  • Managing Director of Last point Resort
  • CEO of Regina Daniels Children foundation
  • CEO, Chris Daniel Limited

Net worth

Rita Daniels is among the rich Nollywood actresses, who apart from acting, has several sources of income. She is estimated to worth over 500 million Naira.

What made Rita Daniels so popular?

Rita Daniels became popular after her daughter, Regina Daniels whom she fulfilled her dream of being an actress at the age of 7 became popular. According to Rita Daniels, her Regina Daniels started acting when she was seven, she loved watching movies and acting at home, she follows her to locations and made friends with actors and actresses, she later developed a great interest and kept on pestering her until she allowed her to act in a movie. She earned #5,000 then. She said that she didn't push her daughter into acting for money, rather it is her passion, but is only God that lifts someone from nobody to somebody".

Rita Daniels Biography

Has Rita Daniels had any criticism?

Just like some of her colleagues, Rita Daniels has had her own share of criticism when her daughter, Regina Daniels got married to Billionaire Ned Nwoko, who is also from Delta state and very much older than Regina Daniels. According to sources then, he was 59 years old while Regina Daniels was 21. People were citing the age difference as a major reason why they think the marriage shouldn't take place, and laid major part of the blame to Rita Daniels for allowing her daughter enter into such a marriage, which they concluded was because the man was rich.

Rita Daniels seems to be comfortable with her daughter's marriage and didn't disturb herself much about the criticism.

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