Know how to take your failure as a lesson.

I was intrigued to write something about this. This is because a lot of people are living on their mistakes, a lot of people have failed and now believe that there is no second chance.

Failure does not mark the final end of a journey. Failure does not mark the end of the road to success. As the saying goes "What makes a man is the ability to fail and rise up again." 

I want to let you know that as there are two sides to a coin, so it is to whatever you are doing. You shouldn't be surprised if you get either the positive or the negative side. If you get the negative side, do not be demoralized, rather take it as a lesson and know that success does not come immediately.

The most important thing is not failing or being a failure, when you fail, ask yourself the following questions; Why did I fail? How can I amend or make a better change?

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Do not be lead by your failure. Rise up and make amendments. Just like the saying " If at first you didn't succeed, try, try, try again ". What this means is that you have to keep on trying until you succeed. Just like a fisherman, who is casting his net in a great sea, he will make the first attempt but didn't catch, he may then realise that it may be due to the position of his net, depth of the area where the net was casted, second try he will make amendments, if still his catch is not impressive, he will keep on trying until he is satisfied with his result. This situation should also be applicable to whatever you are doing.

Do not be a school drop out just because you failed a course or was meant to repeat a class. Let me tell you that many people after repeating a class, performs better.

" Never a failure, always a lesson", this should always be your trademark. I want to assure that whenever you take your failure as a lesson, you are creating a great pathway for your success.

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